nice couple from shanghai
– clara and kevin


Let’s talk about oversea pre-wedding photos today.

I didn’t do too many oversea photo sessions in last two years. There are several reasons behind.

First, looking at my working schedule and my family life, it is almost impossible to be away from home town for anything over 3-4 days. In addition, I hate flying home and then having to shoot a wedding the day after. there are so many accidents that can happen and I really don’t like taking the risk of it.

Then, I can’t work out the justification of the time and effort needed for oversea assignment. When I stay in Hong Kong, I can shoot 3-4 weddings/pre-weddings a week, and I can still work on post-processing and albums and meet clients for the rest of the time (not to mention, have the time to play with shulin as well), so why spend the extra time on travelling [……]

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– clara and kevin

Protected: amazing !!! what an amazing love story .. wedding of jodie and alvin


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wedding of connie and vincent


The peak season is ON, can’t imagine that it starts so soon. Thanks for all your support, bookings from September to March are completely FULL now (no more new client can be accepted). I hope that I can keep updating this blog during this peak season, and share more and more great photos with all of you !!!!

As schedule in Sept and Oct is very tight, I ‘ll stop meeting new client during this period and priority will be given to all the existing client. Meeting will be resumed in Nov.

I shot connie and vincent ‘s wedding few weeks ago. The weather was so hot outside and we stayed inside the hotel most of the time. Having said that, peninsula is such a nice hotel that we ‘re never short of beautiful and interesting locations.

These two photos ‘re taken after the finish of the banquet. Really love [……]

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the playboy at the peak
– bar mitzvah of hugo


I photographed Hugo ‘s Bar Mitzvah at the Cafe Deco at the peak two weeks ago. What a great party , and It looked like everyone was having a blast. Lots of surprise, performance, and emotion, can’t imagine how much time Hugo ‘s mother Belinda has spent preparing the party.

Here are the photos of this awesome party! Congratulations Hugo !!!

BTW, don’t miss to go to my facebook fans page to see the “behind the scene” video

ceremony: JCC HK party: Cafe Deco at the Peak

congratulations !!!


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– bar mitzvah of hugo

the sun in my pocket – part one


I was enjoying the “holiday” in last few weeks and very lazy updating the blog.

with only a few photo sessions in august, I had more free time to clean up the photo editing and album backlogs. Apart from it, really enjoyed the extra time I had with shulin. We went to different playgroups (little gym, ballet junior …. …) or went to swimming everyday – this was such a wonderful time (you can see some photos and video on my facebook fans page) !!!!

Before writing this blog, I was packing my equipments to prepare the photo session tomorrow – the bar mitzvah party of hugo. This is the kick-off of the peak season and my schedule was fully packed before the Chinese new year. Hopefully, I can update the blog more frequently in this season … …

In this and the next few posts, I ‘d like to [……]

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I love bethanie
– wedding of kaman and kahing


Bethanie – a very popular location for wedding. During peak season, we could go there 3 or 4 times a month. However, I still love this place a lot.

1) it is really a beautiful place, and has lots of photo opportunity both inside and outdoor

2) compared to to other catholic church, we can have more time and flexibility. Recently, I had a very very bad experience at the Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception – it was a rainy day and it rained so bad after the ceremony. Even thought there is no other wedding or event after my clients ‘ ceremony, we ‘re all forced to go outside …

3) It is not uncommon to have wedding after wedding for other catholic church.

4) If you have time, you can have a very nice cocktail at the studio at the roof (you can take a look [……]

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– wedding of kaman and kahing

the craziest and most energetic couple
– charis and tsui-kit


I am back !!!! such a long long time not updating the blog !!!!

charis and tsui-kit, the craziest and most energetic couple ever !!!! Never stopped shouting, running around, doing funny face and climbing (yes, climbing!!!) … … I strongly believe they both suffer from “hyperactive” problem !!!!! The later the day, the more energetic they were, they never felt tired.

The day after the session, Tsui Kit called me and said “Hey Simon, we had so much fun yesterday, let’s have another post-wedding photo session after our wedding in nov (2009)”, even though I knew he ‘s kidding, I talked to myself 『唔好掛!你地太勁啦,我頂你地唔住呀!』

location: Shek O, the Peak, Hong Kong University Student Hall, Central makeup artist: polly of faces

my fav photo of the day, I love taking photo of Charis, she gets beautiful face. And look like one TV actress (OK, you name it !!!) This was [……]

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– charis and tsui-kit

a busy week with wonderful weather


This was a busy week since last Friday – with 3 pre-weddings and 3 weddings – a kick-off of the busy March coming ahead.

the weather was not very good recently – very wet and foggy most of the time, that made all the clients of the pre-wedding session very nervous before the photo shooting day. However, it turned out that we had beautiful weather in last 3 sessions – we got beautiful sunset at Sam Mun Tsai (三門仔) for ada and joe, wonderful sunlight at Shek O (and a very very clear sky at the peak) for calise and michael, and today, another beautiful sunset at the Stanley Military Cemetery for gigi and victor.

We ‘re lucky, aren’t we ???

the beautiful view at the stanley military cemetery today !!!!

Stay tuned … … will try to update the photos of all these sessions very soon. [……]

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