February 22, 2006

A long waited concert – David To ???

?????????????????? ?????????? 4?16? ??? (??)?
February 20, 2006

Light on the EARTH

Visited PageOne yesterday to check if there is any new wedding magazine worth buying. Without finding any new one, I went to the bookselves of photographic books and found a […]
February 19, 2006

A busy week

Last week was a busy week. Since I returned from my holiday on Monday, I had meeting seeing my potential clients almost everyday. In last few days, I was […]
February 16, 2006

My apologies to Karlie & George

Yesterday, I had a meeting with a potential client Michelle at night to show my portfolio to her. In the afternoon, I called another potential client Karlie (which is referred by […]
January 29, 2006

The 1st day in Mauritius

We arrived at Mauritius around 7:00 pm, the first thing happened to me is “I found my Luggage is TOTALLY BROKEN”
January 29, 2006

About to go to Maritius / Reunion

It has been a long time I plan to creat� a blog for myself, however, it is too busy and it took me some times to understand all the technologies […]
January 18, 2006

A Wedding at Banyan Tree Phuket, Laguna Resort

Today, I met Irene again and confirmed the she ‘ll apoint me as her wedding photographer.
November 26, 2015

Simon the Perfectionist …… kristy.travis

Simon's portraits of brides are stunning. Literally, he is a perfectionist.Having followed Simon's blog for almost 3 years and with several recommendations from friends and colleagues, we know clearly about Simon's style and strength. Still, We are amazed by how far a photographer can go for his profession.
November 28, 2015

A funny prewedding with ice-cream and basketball …… sandy.ben

We have finally appear on simon blog!! Yeah~~(yell like crazy)i guess we have been scanning this blog for more than 100 times since we have engaged last year, and we know you will understand how we feel when going thru this blog, the pictures are stunning, impressive and spectacular!!Right??
September 18, 2017

A Prewedding day sharing from a 7 years avid fan of Simon.the.Photo …… vienna.michael

His ability to transform something ordinary (like us) to masterpieces was just incredibly brilliant.
January 22, 2013

一個充滿無數 個 第一次 的 Prewedding …… abby.kenny

Shooting in the rain was never a problem to you because you have patience to wait till the best opportunity and give it an exceptional artistic flair.The passion you have for photography and your work were evident whenever you showed us your masterpieces or pressed that shutter with much enthusiasm.
May 11, 2015

Zita shared how she prepared for her timeless prewedding session …… zita.nicholas

His photos exactly translate what we are looking for—timeless moment that we would treasure.