Why an experienced wedding photographer is so important to your wedding, our beautiful bride Susanna shares her wedding day experience to us .. .. susanna.tony

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March 31, 2015
circle of love ... ... vanessa.ricky 3
circle of love … … vanessa.ricky
May 7, 2015

(guest post by susanna and tony)

Our wedding day was a dream come true for us…..so warm, beloved and memorable!!  Really grateful that we could celebrate it with all our families, relatives and many good friends.  We are glad that everyone has enjoyed the banquet as much as we have.  Looking at Simon’s photos now it’s like reliving those wonderful moments right in front of us!  Thank you so much Simon for capturing those wonderful and beautiful moments of our Big Day!  We are so happy to have you to help us for both our pre-wedding and our wedding day!


We know that our choice of photographer will either make or break for our wedding album because those photos would only happen once and stay forever.  We are so glad to get to know Simon and have to say that we simply love Simon’s style: Elegant & Natural.  His thoughtfulness for us, attention to details, his mastery of using natural sunlight and his genuine passion for perfection have given us a lot of confidence.  Simply delighted that we had quickly made our decision to seek Simon’s help for both of our important days!

When we first received our pre-wedding photos from Simon, we were so overwhelmed and couldn’t believe it came out so perfectly.  That day was one of the coldest days of the year and at the beginning it was challenging for us to pose properly for shooting.  We were very thankful for Simon’s professionalism and patience for us, and very happy indeed that it all went extremely well and we just love the result!  Also very grateful to Man Chan, the best makeup artist for me, for taking care of us the whole day and same for our wedding day!

We experienced so many emotions on our Big Day,…… joy, laughter, nervousness, anticipation, “sisters’ love” and “brothers’ pride”.  Simon and the teams have given us a tremendous peace of mind that they would take care of everything so that we could just enjoy the day and be ourselves.  That’s what we just did ……so enjoyable!! ……and the day flew by so quickly and we just wished that we could relive those sweet and happy moments slowly!  Simon, so fortunate to have you, we really want to sincerely thank you and your teams for the absolutely great work on our Big Day, for your wonderfully capturing our interaction with our families and friends, with our “sisters” and “brothers”, from morning to night, and for your simply excellent masterpieces of our wedding photos, turning our wedding day into life-long memories!  So many “WOWs!!” and so much joy and laughter looking through the wedding photos……feel so amazed how you integrated so seamlessly into our wedding that your shooting angles were so nicely positioned.  We never get tired looking at the photos again and again!  Our heartfelt thank-you for your great dedication for us from the pre-wedding to our wedding day!

Also, we are thankful to have Anthony Lam, our good friend, to be our civil celebrant for our marriage!!  In fact, we were absolutely blessed to have Simon, Anthony and Man with us on our special day!!!!!!!!

Again……we would like to express our sincere appreciation to (in alphabetical order) :-
Becky @ hahahaflorist
Emily @ wedding garden
Idy and Nick @ ladybird & the diamonds
Man @ man chan makeup
Our wedding day would not be the same without their selfless dedication, overwhelming passion and professionalism!!  Thank you so much once again!!












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