romance in rain, queenie and sidney

A very special day for queenie and sydney. it ‘s also special for simon as well.

just the day before the shooting, the weather forecast was bad, thunderstorm was expected. I thought the session would be postponed, but out of my expectation, queenie told me they would keep going no matter what.

So what happened? The very second we got on the 7-seater van, it started pouring, and it ‘s so bad that we couldn’t even get off the van any more. six persons in car, we kept discussing where we could go. They liked going to the peak, but I said there ‘s no way I could take photo at the peak under the thunderstorm. Then Gracy suggested the Central pier, at least, we could hide under the pier ceiling … .. That ‘s how we started the day …. ….

finally, I learned that the day was their [……]

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it is raining again jojo and alfred


this is another challenging photo session

everything was in a rush this time, when jojo and afred confirmed their booking, it was only three months left before their wedding day in early July next month. And we just did the engagment shoot last month. As we didn’t have much time left, we couldn’t postpone the shooting even though the weather forecast was very very bad (with thunderstorm ).

It was good that it didn’t rain at all when we started soho central in the morning. Our original 2nd location was Shek O. When we arrived, the weather was still looking good. However, the very second we finished our lunch, jojo had her costum change and I pressed the camera shutter, it started pouring !!!!! And we had to wait and wait in car, yet it didn’t look like the weather ‘d get better.

Finally, we only got three photos in [……]

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