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Are you looking for professional family photography? While you can take photos with your smartphone everyday, it can never replace a professional photographer for your precious memories.

Professaional Family photos help you memorize the character of your family. Children are growing up so fast that we can miss a lot of precious moments easily, that's why you should choose a professional photographer for your family photos carefully.

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58% off Outdoor Family Photo
Promotion FAQ

Photo Date and time

  • the 58%off  promotion is valid for photo taking from July to August, 2020
  • there are 3 time slots on every day
    • AM- between 0900-1200
    • PM - 1400-1600 or 1700-1900

What if the weather is bad on the day?

Safety is our priority. If the weather forecast is rainy, we can change the date (with 2 days advanced notice) without any additional charge.
$400 fee will be charged for change made less than 2 days ' notice

Can I change the date after confirmation?

if you need to change the date for other reason, You can change it once. one week advanced notice is required.

any additional charge for Weekend shooting?

No extra charge for weekend shooting. However, weekends are very popular, please book ASAP.


It 's up to you. However, there may be additional charge if island or location requiring a long distance walk is required.

How many photos will be taken?

around 60-80 photos will be taken

Refund and Transfer policy

No refund once the order is confirmed, And transfer is not allowed.

What other customers says?

natalie and gary
Hong Kong Family Photos 3

Natalie and Gary

我地今日好開心搵 Simon 影相,十年前都係搵 Simon 影相,今日剛剛好十週年。
十年後嘅今日就有埋亞仔一齊影,好開心可以一家三口搵 Simon 一齊影,希望再有機會搵 Simon 再影

Happy Family Photos
Hong Kong Family Photos 3

Happy Family Photo for Fanny

Thank you simon and his team for bringing us such memorable moments during outdoor family shooting. They are really professional and even my 4-year-old girl enjoyed the shooting very much! The photos are really nice, highly recommended! Thanks again! =)

sonia family photo
Hong Kong Family Photos 3

Sonia 's Family Photo

Very professional Photog service with reasonable pricing

Five (5) things you need to prepare before taking photos with your kids

parents love to have beautiful photos with their children, however, most of the kids are not keen on photo taking. If you have hired a professional photographer to take family photo, the following suggestions would help the photo session a lot.

Make them interested in the photo shoot

Make kids interested in the family photo shoot
  • children can get bored very easily, to make them more interested, you can brings toys for the photo shoot, things like bubble, ball game, rope game, scooter, bicycle are very popular.

Prepare to enjoy with your kids

Prepare to enjoy with your kids
  • it 's not just a photo shoot, it 's also a good time to enjoy with your kids. 
  • I understand that a lot of parents want their kids to look at the camera, however, don't try to keep giving orders, instructions  to your kids, instead, let the photographer to do his job

No interruption

No Interruption
  • Make sure your kids have good sleep before the photo shoot, avoid taking photo at time when they usually take daily nap, 
  • goes to toilet before the shooting
  • turn off your mobile phone

take a sheet of table cloth

take a sheet of table cloth
  • you may sit on the ground/lawn sometimes for the photo, bring along a large table cloth so that you can sit on it, 
  • you can also bring some snack to have some picnic photos

prepare for the nature

Hong Kong Family Photos 6
  • mosquito and insects are not uncommon. bring some insect repellent with you
  • it may be very hot during the noon time, it is suggest to choose locations with trees and shade for the photo shoot

All you need to knows about Family Photo

Hong Kong Family Photos 7
Hong Kong Family Photos 3


Video content


new born to 2 years old child


3 to 5 years old child


6 to 10 years old child


Lawrence Tsang Family Photo


family photo Location …… Park at the Peak


family photo Location…… Cyberport park


family photo Location…… West Kowloon Art Park


family photo Location…… Lai Chi Kwok Park


family photo Location…… Shing Mum reservoir 


family photo Location…… Inspiration Lake


family photo Location…… Disneyland hotel


family photo Location…… Tai Po waterfront park


family photo Location …… Nam Sang Wai


family photo ……… Shek O beach


KinKen family Photo


How to take family photo youself..

All you need to know about family photo.

In this Live recording, three photographers (KinKen, Lawrence Tsang and Simon.the.photo) will talk about 

- what ages of your child are most suitable for family photo taking?

- what locations are suggested for family photo?

- How to take the family photo yourself?

Why get Simon to take your family photos

Simon Launched his Simon.the.Photo studio back in 2004.

With over 16 years ' experience, Simon 's style is simple and contemporary. He is well known as a master of natural light in the industry, which gives your family photos a very clean and natural look.

What others say about Simon ?

  • Hong Kong Family Photos 9
    Jenny Kwan
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10

    Highly recommended 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 We had a wonderful time with Simon taking family photos @ Father’s Day. Simon is friendly, helpful, funny and professional from start to finish 👍 The photos are brilliant!!!Simon shots are fresh natural and REAL images that capture true emotions to last a lifetime ❤️ Many many thanks Simon for creating treasured photos for us💕Super Love!

  • Hong Kong Family Photos 11
    Nicole Lam
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10


  • Hong Kong Family Photos 13
    Quin Chan
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10

    I believe “Nice pictures always bring back awesome memories!!” Many thanks Simon for your tireless efforts in taking the best photos for our family photos. We were very impressed with every shot you showed us. You are truly an exceptional photographer. Really appreciate.

  • Hong Kong Family Photos 15
    Fatzi Nip
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10

    Best of the best, thank you Simon!

  • Hong Kong Family Photos 17
    Brendan Wong
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10

    We were seeking an experienced photographer who was great at capturing natural shots and the energy of the moment. We saw 5-6 photographers before meeting Simon. Within 20 minutes of meeting Simon we knew he was our photographer. Because he is very experienced, Simon is relaxed, organised, well planned and knows where he needs to be at the right time. What differentiates Simon from the other photographers is his ability to capture natural shots with the energy of the moment, from the right angles with great composition all while not being intrusive of the event. Along with being an experienced professional he is also very easy to work with! And most importantly - the photos made my wife smile! Happy Wife, Happy Life 🙂 Thank you again Simon! P&B 25Nov2017

  • Hong Kong Family Photos 19
    Suki Li
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10

    好想係度大讚Simon !👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 原本我地諗住係布拉格影一輯Pre wedding 走天涯,但因為一些原因我地臨時決定再影多一輯。 於結婚前個半月才開始搵攝影師,原來老公一直有like Simon Facebook ,喜歡他影相的自然風格同光線,所以我地好大膽問Simon 有無期,同可否一星期內完成我們的拍攝及完成執整相片。 好欣賞Simon 做事態度,過程中好快回覆,希望可以幫我地影到靚相,令到我地都好放心同信任。新人處理結婚的事項好多,好希望搵到合適的攝影師外,過程的溝通同給客人既信心都十分重要,而出黎的效果個個都大讚,皆因Simon 捕捉得到我地最自然既一面,值得推薦!

  • Hong Kong Family Photos 21
    Pluto Mars
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10

    宇宙最強攝影師Simon當之無愧 今年係我哋結婚10週年,所以我哋搵Simon影咗2輯相留念。 1輯係正常Simon mode嘅婚紗相,收到未執嘅相,已經愛不釋手了,於是我哋決定加碼,好快安排影另一輯扮鬼扮馬嘅cosplay相。 Simon一拎起相機就會好似超人上身咁,為左影到靚相,佢會不惜一切,上天下海,摛高擒低,瞓身爬地,由朝影到晩都精力十足,係一個非常熱血,非常認真嘅攝影師,仲有Simon好有創意,腦袋裏有好多計仔去令到D相更加正。 影相過程中,當Simon影到滿意嘅相,佢會不停讚我哋very good,perfect,好靚,好好,令到我哋好開心,自信滿滿的^^ 無論優雅、活潑、高貴、清新、鬼馬嘅風格,Simon都可以完成駕馭到,搵Simon影相,地點根本唔重要,因為佢喺任何地方都可以影到靚相。 另外,Simon為人親切友善,風趣幽默,佢接受能力好高,又好樂意畀意見我哋,會幫手安排好攝影道具,WhatsApp佢亦會秒回,Simon嘅助手同化妝團隊都好專業,基本上搵Simon影相可以好安心,只需要帶個人去就可以了。

  • Hong Kong Family Photos 23
    Cindy Kwok
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10

    婚禮一整天的拍攝包括室內室外、教堂、晚宴, 而事前開會和婚禮當日的預備也是認真和專業。Simon和助手拍攝過程中都能自然地配合,不會影響整個流程。 婚禮過了好幾個月後,看著Simon的相,捕捉了我們和各人當日的表情和舉動,讓每一次細看相片的時候依然保留著婚禮當日愉快喜悅的溫度。

  • Hong Kong Family Photos 25
    Katherine Ho
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10

    幾年前已經開始留意Simon d 相,因為有幾個朋友都搵佢影~~ 幾年之後到自己結婚,本來冇諗住影pre-wedding嘅我地見到有studio promotion 就即刻join咗,因為相信Simon嘅相絕對唔會令我地失望!平時我地好少影相,完全唔識擺pose,Simon好有心機教我地,d 相出嚟嘅效果好靚好滿意!Thank you Simon and MStarz makeup artists Colour & TaTa for the 5 stars services!!

  • Hong Kong Family Photos 27
    Iris Wu
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10

    We would definitely recommend Simon and his team who is after professional photography service. Simon and his team are very professional and creative. It was Simon’s first time to shoot at an ice skating rink, he was very passionate in looking for the perfect angle not to mention he laid on the ice for long. And Simon was very patient in teaching us how to pose naturally. We had an excellent experience in shooting with Simon and his team.

  • Hong Kong Family Photos 29
    Peter Lam
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10


  • Hong Kong Family Photos 31
    Biu Wan
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10

    We are pleased to have Simon and his assistant to take our family photo. You are always able to capture the wonderful moment with your full patience to our shy (at the beginning only) and naughty kids. We really enjoyed the playful time. Thanks Simon for giving us fantastic moment and unforgettable memories!

  • Hong Kong Family Photos 33
    Gigi Wu
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10

    It's very happy to get Simon's photo. It's our first family photo at beach. my boy had so much fun. Simon was professional and tried his best to capture our happiest moment. Thanks very much. highly recommended.

  • Hong Kong Family Photos 35
    Jacinta Hui
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10

    We are pleased to have Simon to take our family photos. Kids had a lot of fun and Simon was able to shoot their pictures while they were having fun. The photos are beautiful. Highly recommended.

  • Hong Kong Family Photos 37
    Tess Leung
    Hong Kong Family Photos 10

    We are really happy to have Simon to be our photographer for our family photos. He is very nice and professional, and he could always make my kids laugh and capture the best moments. Today I received all the photos and watched with my husband and kids, my kids recalled the good memory and always said how Uncle Simon played with them. Simon helped us to keep such a good memory, really appreciate.