Breathtaking Overseas Pre-Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photos provide a unique way for couples to show their love for each other before the big day. And what could be more unique than sharing an adventure together?

Nowadays, more and more couples are heading to overseas destinations to do their pre-wedding photography. Not only is this a great excuse for taking a vacation, but also means that couples can have their photos taken in front of exotic scenery and landmarks that cannot be found back at home. Overseas pre-wedding photos can be used to make unique wedding invitations and display at your ceremony, giving your guests something to talk about and truly making your wedding a memorable occasion!

An overseas wedding photographer you can trust

For the most satisfying photos, it is important to have a photographer you know will fully understand your requirements. Going to an overseas location for wedding photography means you will face language and cultural barriers if you choose to organise your photography through a local.

With Simon.the.Photo, you know you will be working with a photographer who completely understands your needs. Simon’s sensitivity to your needs and extensive experience in overseas pre-wedding photography means that he will be able to capture beautiful overseas pre-wedding photography for you that will truly make your friends and family gush.

Arrange your overseas pre-wedding photography with a professional

Overseas pre-wedding photography requires an expert that will make you feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. Simon’s talent and expertise ensures that you will be receiving stunning pre-wedding photography, all while having a blast overseas!

Contact Simon today for more information and to check availability.