Stunning Pre-Wedding Photography in Hong Kong

Just as important as organizing wedding day photography is to arrange for pre-wedding photos to be taken as well. Wedding days are stressful events — in between entertaining guests and making sure that everyone is well-fed, it can be difficult for the bride and the groom to find the time and energy to take nice photos together. Pre-wedding photoshoots allow couples to display their love and affection for each other in a free and relaxed environment. Unlike photos from large wedding ceremonies with countless guests around, pre-wedding photos truly allow couples to capture their love and intimacy for each other alone, and provide a special collection of portraits for couples for years to come.

Hong Kong Pre Wedding Package

Simon.the.Photo understands that all couples are different, and offers the flexibility to shoot a range of pre-wedding photography. Some couples may like to dress up and have their photography done in the comfort of a studio, while others may wish to have their photos taken outdoors, such as by the ocean. Regardless of the setting, Simon.the.Photo guarantees that we will capture the perfect image to portray your love for one another. We boast a professional studio that provides beautiful pre-wedding photography.

Competitive pre-wedding photography prices and packages

Simon.the.Photo will provide you with a pre-wedding shoot which will include a collection of stunning photographs that truly capture the atmosphere of your ceremony, and allow you to remember your special day for years to come.

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【12 things】you need to know about
Simon ' pre wedding

How can I confirm the shooting date?

Once the booking and payment are confirmed, we 'll contact you to confirm the date of the shooting.

You can also contact us first to check the availability of some particular dates

are Wedding Gown and make-up included in this promotion?

We believe a good pre wedding photo should reflect the character of our client, and both makeup and dress are very important components. Rather than giving you a limited choice of make-up artists and wedding gowns in a package, we prefer our client to source them in the market for the best results of the pre-wedding photo.

However, if you have difficulties or in a hurry, we have a list of partners to whom we can refer you.

What styling fits Simon 's style?

Simple is the best and it fits my style of photography well.

What is a usual rundown of the shooting day?

suggest to have make up starts at 0800

1000 starts shooting at the 1st location

1200 change dress and styling

1300 lunch

1400 shooting at the 2nd location

1530 2nd change of dress/styling

1600 shooting at the 3rd location

Which month is the best for pre wedding in Hong Kong?

March to May are good seasons and sky is very clear most of the time

June to Sept start to get hot, though if you can stand the heat, the daytime is very long and you have plenty of sunlight. However, beware of the rainy weather.

Oct to Nov, are the best period of the year, not too hot. and weather is very dry

Dec - Jan, weather is also very good, but it can be very cold some time. However, please be remind that the day time is very short during this period.

should we do the pre wedding on week day or week end.

Both are OK, though a lot of locations are very crowded on week day, and shooting on week end is preferred.

weekends during the peak seasons are very popular, so make your booking as soon as possible.

any good location suggestion?

Yes sure. We suggest you select some photos your like from my web site, then we can recommend some locations to you based on your selection

how is transportation arranged

client have to arrange transportation themselves. A 7 seater van is preferred.
If required, we can help to arrange, the fee is HK$210 / hr, driver and gasoline charge are included.

Can we have the studio and outdoor session in one package?

yes sure, we can tailor a package for that

What photo editing is included in the package?

all photos will have basic editing - color and brightness adjusted.

50 photos will be selected by client for further editing and album production

  • skin and body retouch
  • 's style of editing

how many photos will be taken?

We take around 150-200 photos.

All photos will be provided in JPG files in high resolution format

how long does it take for the photo and album production

basic edited photos will be ready in 3-4 weeks

further editing takes additional 4 weeks after photo selection

album and canvas produciton takes additonal 4 weeks.

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