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Everything needs to be perfect for your big day. When it comes to wedding dresses and wedding cakes, brides and grooms only demand the best. The same care must be taken when choosing wedding photography for your ceremony, and luckily you’ve come to the right place.

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“Every wedding is a unique and a once in a lifetime event.
I believe that the pictures should be a true reflection of the wedding itself, so that they can be remembered and enjoyed for generations to come.”...


the wedding photographer that will truly be able to capture the occasion

Simon is a talented and dedicated photographer who has a passion for wedding photography. This passion led him to establish his wedding photography studio - Simon.the.Photo in 2004, which has been providing top class wedding photography  for happy couples all across Hong Kong. His unique ability to capture the perfect, storytelling images has earned him the reputation as one of the best wedding photographers in Hong Kong, and has also seen him recognized as one of the Top 5 Hong Kong Wedding Photographers by and one of Asia’s Top 30 Wedding Photographers by Signature Wedding Asia Magazine.

Simon’s approach is to employ a photojournalistic style of photography, by taking images unobtrusively and not directing or interfering with clients — this guarantees candid, natural shots of the ceremony.

Book now to guarantee peace of mind for your wedding day photography

Simon.the.Photo takes the stress out of finding the right photographer for your special day. Having Simon at your wedding ensures that you will receive a collection of breathtaking photos of your wedding that will truly let you relive your special day. Alongside wedding day photography, services provided include pre-wedding and pregnancy photography.

Contact Simon for more information and to check availability.

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【5】個 同小朋友 拍攝 family photo 小貼士 1

【5】個 同小朋友 拍攝 family photo 小貼士

最近都幫好多 family 影 family photo,想同大家分享下點樣同你 d 小朋友可以影 family photo 影得靚d。


all, family photo, photo shooting technique

【小貼士 】我是如何補捉婚禮的瞬間時刻

成日聽到 d 新娘同我講,婚禮當天d時間過得好快,好似轉眼就過左,好多野都唔記得。所以作為婚禮攝影師,絕對負上重大責任,去記錄低婚禮當天每個藉得記念嘅時刻。 除左要影 d 坊間 嘅所謂『must have shots』,我自已更加喜歡記錄低 一 d 新娘睇唔到嘅野,而又可以 tell the story。

all, personal, photo shooting technique

wedding for 肺積塵互助會 members – 義工婚禮拍攝


I-do (wedding day), all, personal

婚禮中,為甚麼要由 父親把女兒牽進教堂


I-do (wedding day), all, weddings
Why capturing real moments is so difficult on wedding day? vince.albert 2

Why capturing real moments is so difficult on wedding day? vince.albert

For me, wedding day photos are about capturing the moments. As a professional wedding photographer, we need to focus, observe, and capture all the moments in a beautiful and artistic

all, I-do (wedding day), weddings
Whenever you 're close to me, you`re like the sun ... ... 3

Whenever you ‘re close to me, you`re like the sun … …

If you ‘ve followed my blog for a period of time, you should know that I like to take photos on the beach.  Working on the beach is always a

all, Pre Wedding

Why hire Simon as your wedding photographer?

  • Tess Leung
    Tess Leung

    We are really happy to have Simon to be our photographer for our family photos. He is very nice and professional, and he could always make my kids laugh and capture the best moments. Today I received all the photos and watched with my husband and kids, my kids recalled the good memory and always said how Uncle Simon played with them. Simon helped us to keep such a good memory, really appreciate.

  • JD

    很多年前因為工作關係認識到Simon。那時候老公也還沒有,便想著將來結婚要找Simon拍婚紗照了。很多年後終於為自己兌現了這個小小的心願 。 因為一些原因,找Simon找得很倉猝。那時是十一月份,婚禮的旺季,Simon卻一口答應了幫忙,然後在時間表中擠出一個下午來拍攝。不知道為什麼都十一月了天氣還是悶熱得很?我只是站著被拍已經滿頭大汗了,何況Simon和助手還要背著重甸甸的攝影器材攀高爬低?他們專業得教人佩服,即使已經汗流浹背,還不停建議”那邊還有個位置很美的,不如到那邊多拍幾張”。其實我心裡一早打算拍攝一兩個景點,有十來二十張喜歡的照片我便滿足了,誰知最後每一張照片都很喜歡!Simon真是pose指導王!簡單的”重心在右腳”、“要見到手踭”等指令原來已經可以令人看起來修長很多。如果女孩子想把自己拍得很漂亮的,可以放心把自己交托給Simon。每看一張playback也覺得原來自己這麼美嗎(笑)?那刻心裡回答了很多年前的自己:”你的堅持與決定是正確的”

  • Ada Chan
    Ada Chan

    Simon was the wedding photographer for many of my friends and I have always wanted to hire Simon as my own wedding photographer. I was lucky to be able to book him for my big day (which I have to book wayyyy to advance) and I am lucky to have picked the best photographer for my taste. Not only did he take amazing photo, he is also very easy to work with and will not save any effort in capturing the best moment. If you are looking for someone that can capture the most realistic moment of your wedding day, while have a Vanity Fair flair to your photo, Simon is definitely your choice!

  • Gigi Wu
    Gigi Wu

    It's very happy to get Simon's photo. It's our first family photo at beach. my boy had so much fun. Simon was professional and tried his best to capture our happiest moment. Thanks very much. highly recommended.

  • Quin Chan
    Quin Chan

    I believe “Nice pictures always bring back awesome memories!!” Many thanks Simon for your tireless efforts in taking the best photos for our family photos. We were very impressed with every shot you showed us. You are truly an exceptional photographer. Really appreciate.

  • Sonia Tai
    Sonia Tai

    Very professional Photog service with reasonable pricing

  • Kim Kwok
    Kim Kwok

    Love Simon for his professional skills and great sense of humor!

  • Biu Wan
    Biu Wan

    We are pleased to have Simon and his assistant to take our family photo. You are always able to capture the wonderful moment with your full patience to our shy (at the beginning only) and naughty kids. We really enjoyed the playful time. Thanks Simon for giving us fantastic moment and unforgettable memories!

  • Jacinta Hui
    Jacinta Hui

    We are pleased to have Simon to take our family photos. Kids had a lot of fun and Simon was able to shoot their pictures while they were having fun. The photos are beautiful. Highly recommended.

  • Fanny Lui
    Fanny Lui

    Thank you simon and his team for bringing us such memorable moments during outdoor family shooting. They are really professional and even my 4-year-old girl enjoyed the shooting very much! The photos are really nice, highly recommended! Thanks again! =)

  • Peter Lam
    Peter Lam