【difficulty level 7 out of 10】Pre Wedding Photos in Hong Kong – Iris and Kevin

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June 27, 2019
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pre wedding of iris and kevin
Pre wedding photos of Iris and Kelvin

Iris Kevin 's pre wedding photos in Hong Kong

We would definitely recommend Simon and his team who is after professional photography service. Simon and his team are very professional and creative. It was Simon’s first time to shoot pre wedding photos in Hong Kong at an ice skating rink 溜冰場, he was very passionate in looking for the perfect angle not to mention he laid on the ice for long. And Simon was very patient in teaching us how to pose naturally. We had an excellent experience in shooting with Simon and his team.

Iris and Kelvin

Both Iris and Kevin came from Australia to have their pre wedding in Hong Kong. Thank you very much for their invitation to be their pre wedding photographer, it was a very challenging pre wedding photo session as it was my first time taking photos in a ice rink 溜冰場 and Tai Kwun 大館. Here I am going to share some tips to you shooting wedding photos in these two locations


Some tips on taking pre wedding photos in the ice rink and Tai Kwun 

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