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Professional Family Photo

Are you looking for professional family photography? While you can take photos with your smartphone everyday, it can never replace a professional photographer for your precious memories.

Professaional Family photos help you memorize the character of your family. Children are growing up so fast that we can miss a lot of precious moments easily, that's why you should choose a professional photographer for your family photos carefully.

Five (5) things you need to prepare before taking photos with your kids

Make them interested in the photo shoot

  • you can brings toys to the photo shoot, things like bubble, ball game, rope game, bicycle are very popular.
  • And make sure you 're prepared to play with them 

No interruption

  • Make sure your kids have good sleep before the photo shoot, avoid taking photo at time when they usually take daily nap, 
  • goes to toilet before the shooting
  • turn off your mobile phone

take a sheet of table cloth

  • you may sit on the ground/lawn sometimes for the photo, bring along a large table cloth so that you can sit on it, 
  • you can also bring some snack to have some picnic photos

prepare for the nature

mosquito and insects are not uncommon. bring some insect repellent with you

Prepare to enjoy with your kids

it 's not just a photo shoot, it 's also a good time to enjoy with your kids. 

Hong Kong Outdoor
Family Photos Package

Hong Kong Studio
Family Photos Package

58% off Outdoor Family Photo
Promotion FAQ

Photo Date and time

  • the 50% promotion is valid for photo taking from April to May, 2020
  • there are 3 time slots on every day
    • AM- between 0900-1200
    • PM - 1300-1430 or 1530-1700

What if the weather is bad on the day?

Safety is our priority. If the weather forecast is rainy, we can change the date (with 2 days advanced notice) without any additional charge.

Can I change the date after confirmation?

if you need to change the date for other reason, You can change it once. one week advanced notice is required.

any additional charge for Weekend shooting?

No extra charge for weekend shooting. However, weekends are very popular, please book ASAP.


It 's up to you. However, there may be additional charge if island or location requiring a long distance walk is required.

How many photos will be taken?

around 60-80 photos will be taken

Refund and Transfer policy

No refund once the order is confirmed, And transfer is not allowed.

What other customers says?

natalie and gary
Hong Kong Family Photos 1

Natalie and Gary

我地今日好開心搵 Simon 影相,十年前都係搵 Simon 影相,今日剛剛好十週年。
十年後嘅今日就有埋亞仔一齊影,好開心可以一家三口搵 Simon 一齊影,希望再有機會搵 Simon 再影

Happy Family Photos
Hong Kong Family Photos 1

Happy Family Photo for Fanny


Thank you simon and his team for bringing us such memorable moments during outdoor family shooting. They are really professional and even my 4-year-old girl enjoyed the shooting very much! The photos are really nice, highly recommended! Thanks again! =)

sonia family photo
Hong Kong Family Photos 1

Sonia 's Family Photo


Very professional Photog service with reasonable pricing

Why get Simon to take your family photos

Simon Launched his Simon.the.Photo studio back in 2004.

With over 16 years ' experience, Simon 's style is simple and contemporary. He is well known as a master of natural light in the industry, which gives your family photos a very clean and natural look.