Simon established Simon.the.Photo in 2004 , with the aim of providing our clients with the very best photo-journalistic style wedding photography in Hong King. We are selected as the Top 10 Hong Kong Wedding Photographer by in 2011 and Asia Top 30 Wedding Photographer by Signature Wedding Asia Magazine in 2012

We believe that every wedding is unique and a once in a lifetime event,  the pictures should be  a true reflection of the wedding itself and which can be enjoyed for generations to come.  With our photo journalistic style photography, we believe a photographer should take photos quietly, and should not setup or direct scenes for the clients.

Latest News

    Facebook Live 重播 - Simon 專訪 美女 大肚彩繪師 Fiona 及 Pregnancy Photos showcase
    上年年尾跟好化妝師 Fiona 合作了一個 Pregnancy Photos 的 promotion,這次的 大肚相 項目 比較特別,因為 Fiona 除了是化妝師,另一個身份是大肚彩繪師 (Baby Bump Painter),所以她也會在準媽媽的大肚上繪畫。
    sneak peek of Crystal and Malcolm 's Summer Pre - Wedding
    今年的 Summer Pre-wedding Promotion 已經差唔多接左尾聲,今年比較特別,就係天氣不似預期,影了幾個星期,天氣都不太好,大部份時間都不是陰天,就是下雨。比較幸運的是每位客人都沒有受天氣影響,每一位都可以懷著愉快的心情影相。 Crystal 和 Malcolm 上一次的 Pre-wedding 已經改了期,今次終於不用再改。首先都是由 Studio 室內開始,Crystal 選擇了一條簡單的貼身婚紗,化妝、髮型當然亦是由 Man Chan 負責。
    今年 summer pre wedding photography promotion 的 client, 都有一個 特點
    究竟 Simon Pre-wedding 的客人究竟有甚麼特點? 如果我說『智慧與美貌並重』,都一 d 都唔誇張。每一位新娘唔單止明艷動人,亦都係社會上成功的女性。

What our customers say,

    An Artistic DIY Photo Wall on Wedding Day - Sam and Anderson
    Every beautiful moment of our wedding still vividly repeats in our mind, and luckily we had Simon to capture all these moments to remember.
    能相擁到白頭,一起偕老 ... ... nicole.simpson
    On our wedding day, with Simon, you don’t have to think too much about how you look or pose.
    It 's amazing that our beautiful bride Gabbie included "Sofa and TV" in her wedding vow ... ... Gabbie.Peterson
    “This is the big day that we have been rehearsing in our mind for the past year, all the hard work making all the DIY decoration, photo album, wedding video, music run down, special wedding surprise, first dance, wedding reception, vow, wedding photographer, are all coming alive.