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Posted by simon.the.photo - Hong Kong Contemporary Wedding Photographer on Thursday, July 2, 2015

(guest post) zita.nicholas

(guest post from Zita and Nicholas)

Like many other engaged couples, we had been seeking for the right photographer for our pre-wedding photos. We simply wanted to look for a photographer who can shoot timeless picture, so we won’t be laughing at ourselves when we grow old. It turned out to be more challenging than we thought because there are tons of choices in the market. Every photographer has their strengths, yet Simon stands out from them and captured our attention. His photos exactly translate what we are looking for—timeless moment that we would treasure. Without much hesitation, we contacted Simon and reserved our spot.


He was very helpful in giving us ideas of what he is capable of before our shooting day. That eased us from the anxiety of not knowing what to do and what location to pick for our photo shoot. We cannot appreciate his help enough.

The weather was perfect on our photo shooting day and the shooting went extremely smooth. We had a couple of shoots indoor and others at various locations across Hong Kong. Simon is professional and demands perfection in every single photo. We are impressed with his attention to the finest details, guiding us through our every pose – from head to toes – all to ensure that every photo is perfect. This is especially helpful for us since we had no idea of how to pose prior to this photo shoot. Simon would take that extra step just to get that perfect angle for the most artistic shot, may it be lying flat on his back in the middle of the road or climbing up and down the ledge of a walkway. His passion and dedication to his job convinced us that we are in safe hands.

We had four sets of outfits on the day, each with different style to reflect different sides of our relationship. Whether it’s warm and intimate, bright and happy or elegant and graceful, Simon successfully captured the different moods that we were trying to express. It was a long and tiring day, but also a beautiful and fulfilling day that we will remember for a long time to come.

As for the end products, we have never doubted Simon’s ability, and sure enough he delivered. The quality of the photos are exceptional, as you can see for yourself. To us, Simon’s ability to utilize light sources is unrivaled. The style of his photos is so elegant and natural, as he captured our emotions and our intimate relationship in the artwork he produced.

Finally, we would really like to thank Simon and his assistant Pang for their commitment and hard work, it has been a great experience for us, one that we will treasure for life.

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(guest post) susanna.tony

(guest post by susanna and tony)

Our wedding day was a dream come true for us…..so warm, beloved and memorable!!  Really grateful that we could celebrate it with all our families, relatives and many good friends.  We are glad that everyone has enjoyed the banquet as much as we have.  Looking at Simon’s photos now it’s like reliving those wonderful moments right in front of us!  Thank you so much Simon for capturing those wonderful and beautiful moments of our Big Day!  We are so happy to have you to help us for both our pre-wedding and our wedding day!


We know that our choice of photographer will either make or break for our wedding album because those photos would only happen once and stay forever.  We are so glad to get to know Simon and have to say that we simply love Simon’s style: Elegant & Natural.  His thoughtfulness for us, attention to details, his mastery of using natural sunlight and his genuine passion for perfection have given us a lot of confidence.  Simply delighted that we had quickly made our decision to seek Simon’s help for both of our important days!

When we first received our pre-wedding photos from Simon, we were so overwhelmed and couldn’t believe it came out so perfectly.  That day was one of the coldest days of the year and at the beginning it was challenging for us to pose properly for shooting.  We were very thankful for Simon’s professionalism and patience for us, and very happy indeed that it all went extremely well and we just love the result!  Also very grateful to Man Chan, the best makeup artist for me, for taking care of us the whole day and same for our wedding day!

We experienced so many emotions on our Big Day,…… joy, laughter, nervousness, anticipation, “sisters’ love” and “brothers’ pride”.  Simon and the teams have given us a tremendous peace of mind that they would take care of everything so that we could just enjoy the day and be ourselves.  That’s what we just did ……so enjoyable!! ……and the day flew by so quickly and we just wished that we could relive those sweet and happy moments slowly!  Simon, so fortunate to have you, we really want to sincerely thank you and your teams for the absolutely great work on our Big Day, for your wonderfully capturing our interaction with our families and friends, with our “sisters” and “brothers”, from morning to night, and for your simply excellent masterpieces of our wedding photos, turning our wedding day into life-long memories!  So many “WOWs!!” and so much joy and laughter looking through the wedding photos……feel so amazed how you integrated so seamlessly into our wedding that your shooting angles were so nicely positioned.  We never get tired looking at the photos again and again!  Our heartfelt thank-you for your great dedication for us from the pre-wedding to our wedding day!

Also, we are thankful to have Anthony Lam, our good friend, to be our civil celebrant for our marriage!!  In fact, we were absolutely blessed to have Simon, Anthony and Man with us on our special day!!!!!!!!

Again……we would like to express our sincere appreciation to (in alphabetical order) :-
Becky @ hahahaflorist
Emily @ wedding garden
Idy and Nick @ ladybird & the diamonds
Man @ man chan makeup
Our wedding day would not be the same without their selfless dedication, overwhelming passion and professionalism!!  Thank you so much once again!!

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反光板 與 diffuser 運用

好多人都好怕係中午時份去影portrait, 因為通常光線都比較硬,面上亦會有好多陰影。好似以下 prewedding ,當時差唔多係 正午 12點,看看右邊助手面上嘅陰影,就知道當時光線很差,而呢種光線影婚紗相,尤其對於新娘子特別難處理。 係呢張相裡面,我同時用左反光板同 diffuser,去改變當時嘅現場光,制造出非常柔和的光線。
係黎緊 4月18號嘅 『自然光攝影攻略課程』,亦會講解各種唔同嘅現場光處理手法。今次已經係課程嘅第三班,現只剩餘少量名額,報名可以到 http://www.6xacademy.com/course/outside-light-3/

(guest post) jacqueline.bob at Cambodia

(guest post by jacqueline and bob)

Prior to getting engaged, we weren’t quite interested in photographers and certainly had no idea who Simon was. But when we diligently reviewed a range of styles and photographer portfolios, we eventually realized that we were drawn towards “classic” photos. We wanted to be confident that we would still be in love with them 10, 20, 50 years later even if our tastes and the retouch trends changed by that time. So when we finally came across Simon’s blog, it was such an exciting moment because his clean style was exactly what we were looking for. His portfolio is exceptionally consistent (very important!), and we particularly liked his incline towards large head shots. Simply because we want to be able to look back at the photos one day, when we are both old and wrinkly, and see our young features clearly again.


We truly think the photos speak for themselves – when we received the preview files they were very much beyond our expectation. Simon captured the magical spirit of Cambodia better than we imagined. At this point, we would also like to mention Simon’s professionalism and dedication to his job to deliver the results. When we picked Cambodia for pre-wedding, we innocently had no idea what we were in for. There was the terrible heat, the photo permit scrutiny, the bumpy dirt roads, the steep hike to the waterfalls, the fast water… through it all Simon put his priority on taking those photos first. He did not at any point give up, lose heart, nor complain…despite developing a bad cough. We really felt that he went that extra mile, pushed himself that extra step, when he honestly didn’t have to. We finally realized his product quality is so consistent, not just because of his talent or experience, but because of his hard working character too. It’s exactly why his client’s trust him to a near-blinded point, as we did.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank assistant Pang, your happy demeanor despite standing out in 30 degree heat holding a light reflector still amazes us, and we are so grateful for it. We would also like to thank our talented makeup artist Bart Ko for creating such perfect makeup and hair looks for those large head shots of Simon’s – it’s so crucial to have a good makeup artist for these types of photos!

We later found out it was one of the most physically challenging pre-wedding shoots they had all been on, and we can’t express enough how very guiltily thankful we are for this photo collection. Thank you once again Simon, your photos will be our forever treasure.

(words from simon.the.photo)
Cambodia, a place that I had ZERO knowledge of it before this prewedding trip. And it was one of the most challenging trip that I ‘ever had. The heat, the humidity, the bumpy road, ‘re out of our expectation. Having said that, thanks Jacqueline and Bob for your hospitality and care and made this trip very memorable.

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(guest post) sandy.ben

(guest post from sandy and ben)

We have finally appear on simon blog!! Yeah~~(yell like crazy) i guess we have been scanning this blog for more than 100 times since we have engaged last year, and we know you will understand how we feel when going thru this blog, the pictures are stunning, impressive and spectacular!!Right??

The photo shooting was done in two different days, the first day was taken at our Yuen Long club house’s greenland and we were delighted to see how Simon uses his “helicopter”, it was flying very high with great stability !! After we spend half days at our the greenland, we headed to Tai Tam and Stanley that afternoon and took a few shots。 Fortunately, the weather was not too hot and we have some shots taken where we were buying ice cream from the ice cream vehicle. (Which we think its quite funny)


The second day was taken at Simon’s studio, its our honor to have our pre-wedding pictures taken at his studio. We have so much fun there, and taken many crazy good looking pictures we couldn’t even imagine. (I guess this is the first time where he try out to shoot like that)

After all, we have to Thank Simon and his Crew for spending 2 full hard working days with us and It was just phenomenal in capturing one of our greatest moments in our life which we will never forget!!!


(message from simon)

it ‘s fun taking photo for sandy and ben. I always have some new photo ideas in my mind that I love to try, however, because of the limit of time, it is difficult to try sometimes. Luckily sandy and ben had booked me for a two-days pre-wedding session so that we had more time to try new ideas during the shooting, especially on the 2nd day.

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(guest post) kristy.travis

(guest post from kristy and travis)

Simon the Perfectionist

Having followed Simon’s blog for almost 3 years and with several recommendations from friends and colleagues, we know clearly about Simon’s style and strength. Still, We are amazed by how far a photographer can go for his profession. Simon’s attention to details and his effort to shoot a bride from the best perspective distinguishes him from others.


Simon’s portraits of brides are stunning. Literally, he is a perfectionist. Every little move of how a bride poses strikes a big difference before him. He is mindful of whether the bride is always in good shape (e.g. even one strand of hair!) and how sunlight mingles with images to unveil the most impressive pictures appealing to viewers.

Simon surprised us with his skills of mastering the use of direct sunlight. On our prewedding day, we became sunlight chasers and followed where bright sunlight went. He swiftly captured our intimate relationship and sweetness in a natural way. We perceive him as a photographer who tends not to rely on post production and polishing.

In addition, Simon led us to take photos with ease. He has high demand of his work and has shown great enthusiasm towards the prewedding shooting. Before long, he gained our trust on how the shooting should go. With his experience in wedding shooting, Simon precisely understands our needs and style we prefer. In particular, our causal wear shooting part could not have been so smooth without his guidance.

Last but not least, Man Chan, our stylist and her team, collaborated perfectly well with Simon and played a significant and active role in the shooting process. Man was responsive to Simon and our requests and from time to time took care of Kristy’s style. No doubt, Simon and Man have great chemistry. Her judgment call on different styles and her decisive character on styling are inspiring and fascinating.

Both Simon and Man are very professional towards the prewedding shooting task. They have by all means tried to cater for our needs while patiently listened to our thoughts and concerns. While prewedding shooting could have been stereotyped, they made best endeavors to suit what we desire.

We take this opportunity to thank Simon, Man and their team again for their great work on our prewedding shooting.

makeup artist: Man Chan

location: simon.the.photo studio, Stanley market

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(guest post) vienna.michael

(guest post from vienna and michael)

An Avid Fan

When a fan meets his/her idol, they are normally awestruck and at a lost for words. This is exactly how we felt when we first met Simon at IFC to decide on our Pre-wedding shoot. Unknown to Simon, we had been following his work the past seven years. We were fascinated by his natural and elegant style, his skilled use of light and his overflowing passion. Thus, it was probably strange to Simon that we were lightning quick to make our decision to have Simon shoot our pre-wedding pictures. We did not consider any other photographer as it was more of an honor for us to be able to be part of his portfolio. In fact, we trusted Simon so much that we did not contact Simon even though the weather forecast for our Pre-wedding was thunderstorms and heavy rain. We envisioned Simon to be a superhero with waterproof powers able to repel water. Fortunately, Simon contacted us and we rescheduled to a sunny day.

Due to our nervousness, we probably had the stiffest poses and smiles of our lives. We are extremely grateful that Simon guided us through every shot and his confidence and passion overflowed to us. His ability to transform something ordinary (like us) to masterpieces was just incredibly brilliant. As the day went by, we loosened up and the beach photos were the most awe inspiring photos we have ever taken. We were glad that all the custom-made dresses got captured, especially the waterproof purple dress. We had loads of fun getting wet and highly appreciate Simon for getting in the water with us. When light was running thin and our day was winding down, Simon still delivered photos that were “Wow! Amazing!” The numerous flashlights, soft boxes, reflectors and the people staring at Stanley made us feel like it was model shoot. It was such a nerve wracking yet thrilling night!

Thank you Simon and team for giving us the opportunity to be captured by your photography. It was a great privilege to have met you and we shall remember this day as a fan’s dream come true. Simon, you are our superhero!

Michael & Vienna

location: Annette, Belair, Shek O – beach, Stanley

1st location: thanks Annette for providing this location for shooting

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