(guest post) wedding of irene and tommy

Peaceful, blessed and a day celebrated with much love…that’s how we would describe our wedding day. It was a dream come true for us. We are thankful to be able to reunion on this special day with our families, friends & close relatives.

Simon, thank you for the beautiful pictures once again after those gorgeous pre-wedding. These photos bring us back to our special moments…all seems vivid and yes these photos make us smile, laugh and cry again. Those wonderful shots with our parents, friends & relatives mean alot to us! A heartfelt thank you to you & your team including Ken & team for making our day so special and fun. We hardly feel your presence throughout but you are always there…capturing the tiniest details.

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Chris & Crystal@Central weddings, Tina & Sue@Classic Tina, Bart Ko @beauté make-up, Jaz, Florence, Eva, Solomon@ Solomon bloemen, Ashley & Eric@my elegant wedding, Anthony Lam and last but not least our loveliest bridesmaids.

So here we go again…hooked with Simon’s artistic eyes & great personality. For all those bride-to-be, look no further you just found yourself a great and down to earth photographer.


(words from simon)
Hi Irene and Tommy,

Thanks for inviting me as your pre wedding and wedding day photographer. It’s always a joy taking photos of you and tommy because of your complete trust on our team.  It’s a big surprise to me when I found my pre wedding works were showcased in your dinner menu, it ‘s such a big honor to me.

And thanks for your moon cake, my little angels love it !!!!


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6X Academy Workshop 全場爆滿


(guest post from Connie and Jeffrey)

A day full of love, happiness, and blessings” – we are very thankful to hear what we’ve been praying for from the mouths of our friends and families.

We paid much efforts on the preparation for our day for making our important promise, by inviting our best friends as our groomsmen and bridesmaids, and by carefully selecting the best music, photography, videography, and decoration teams. Focusing on our dear ones is what we wish, instead of any other hassles. We found that the professional standards and the smoothness provided by our teams had contributed much to our joyful wedding.

We are very glad that Simon is available to join our wedding especially after seeing the pre-wedding photos which captured the most beautiful looking way of us.  We in fact think Simon is one of our guests – thank you for the lovely day and the joy you brought us!



(message from simon)

connie 跟 jeffrey 就好像韓劇裡的主角,女的靚女,男的高大靚仔再加心地善良!

晚宴上,Jeffrey 更 盡顯他的音樂材華,先為爸爸用結他畔奏一曲 “Perhaps Love”,再跟20 個兄弟姊妹來個大合奏……最後更鋼琴自彈自唱一曲 許志安的 “唯獨你是不可取替”送給 connie.

當我以為已經是全晚的高潮,原來 Jeffrey 更送上一份特別的禮物給 Connie — 是幾百封的情書!
原來 Jeffrey 係中學時已經為佢末來的太太寫情信 (當時佢重末認識 connie) ,之後每一個月 Jeffrey 都會為這位『神為他預備的太太』寫一封信………一直維持到大學畢業!




video: Gabriel Wedding Video
ceremony: Union Church
reception: JW Marriot

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It’s a simple and beautiful wedding – Debbie and Newton. Basically, we spent the whole day inside the hotel Ritz Carlton, without going anywhere outside. I like this kind of arrangement a lot, not because I am lazy, but weddings in Hong Kong are usually very busy and the couples requiring to go to 3-4 locations in a day is not uncommon. It can be even worse if the bridesmaids and friends are required to carry all different kinds of bags (with all the wedding stuff) going to all these locations, I can’t imagine how they can enjoy the wedding ….. …

I didn’t meet Debbie and Newton before the wedding, so it ‘s my first time getting to know them. And it is surprising to me, I found that not only Debbie is a gorgeous bride but also a beautiful mother of  a new born baby as well. it ‘s really a memorable day to have her own baby to be part of their wedding !!


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circle of love … … vanessa.ricky

(guest post from vanessa and ricky)

Thank you Simon for capturing and bringing back all the memories of our wedding day through thousands of photos and videos. You are just gorgeous! 

The faces of my loved ones on the photos showed me that they were truly happy for me and Ricky. Their happy faces painted in my head they were so precious to us. I am so grateful for having my family and best friends around us and sharing the big day with us. Without their help and support, the wedding would mean nothing. It was neither the dress nor the jewelry which made me shine but the presence and the warm blessing of my family and friends who made me glow that day and they gave color to my wedding.

We chose ‘circle of love’ as our wedding theme because we think a circle carries the meaning of connectedness, wholeness, eternity and unity in many cultures and the unbroken circle was an emblem of eternal love and devotion. After the wedding, I can deeply feel that a wedding is really a time to unite families and friends. It is a day for connection and reunion. In the wedding, we and our family were really emotionally in touch with one another and this emotional connection is priceless.

Thanks Simon and your crew for the gorgeous photos so that we can savor this great moment of love forever. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the vendors 

Vicky&Issac@The theme wedding, Bart@Beaute wedding make-up, Tina&Sue@Classic Tina, Sophia@101 Forest, Yen@Miracle flower, Phoenix@Phoenix Sweets and many more,  for making our big day beautiful and memorable. All of you completed my dream wedding!

(message from simon)

It’s enjoyable to take photos in vanessa and ricky ‘s wedding. I remember just before the wedding, vanessa sent me a messsage, and told me that she saw me in her dreams a few time, taking photos in her wedding. At that time, I thought that she was too nervous, but I was wrong. She was so relax on her wedding day instead, and enjoy every moments with her love, families and friends.

ceremony and reception: Intercontinental hotel
make up: Bart Ko
wedding planner: the theme wedding
celebrant: Michael Lai of An Oath Wedding

one of my fav of the day. A moment that a father will remember for his whole life

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Kathy.Kenneth (guest post)

( Guest Post by Kathy and Kenneth)

One question I often heard among friends preparing for wedding is how you choose your wedding photographer among all the practitioners in the market.

We believe that wedding day photo session is much more difficult than pre-wedding session in a sense that it is recording interaction and response. There are many individuals involved. We have no control what is going to happen in the next few minutes despite we have a rundown. Yet, the reactions of friends and families, the emotions, the laughters and perhaps the joyful tears are the most valuable parts of wedding, which we wish to capture and remember for the rest of our lives. We also wish to share our joy with the important ones who for some reasons could not attend our wedding. Therefore, we need a photographer who is able to capture and reflect the affection and emotions in pictures vividly. 


We came across Simon’s blog and were astonished by his talents to gracefully capture and reflect the touching moments and strong emotions in every picture he took in different weddings. By going through his pictures, we feel like we had attended various weddings and were able to share the joy with each couple. While we met Simon in person, we could feel Simon’s passion and dedication to his job as a wedding photographer, not only running a money-making business, or bluffing about his skills, techniques or awards that he was accredited. He truly enjoys his job! We knew that Simon has to be our wedding day photographer. This is also how we screen and select every other service providers for our wedding – we need them to be passionate! 


During the whole day, we could hardly feel Simon’s presence. We did not know which position he went to or how he took pictures of us. We bet that is how feelings and moments are truly recorded without deliberate manipulation. Kenneth and I are grateful for the dedication and professional standard Simon and his team demonstrated. Thanks to the contribution of every crew participated in our wedding, the day went on so well. Everything just ran smoothly. We trust that it is because we got the right crew for every part of our wedding. I am a fashion fans who love graceful and elegant gowns, heels and jewels. One bonus is that Simon does share the same appreciation of beauty with me! Thanks Simon for appreciating and capturing the true beauty of the designer gowns and heels.

Last but not least, we believe you must have got the answer to the above question already.
(One funny remark: after we officially confirmed Simon’s engagement, I bumped into Simon on the plane when I was on my way back from business trip. We chatted for a while and took a picture together. What a coincidence! Well, is that what we called “緣份”?)


 (words from simon)
The very first second I saw Kathy in the morning of her wedding, she was already walking around in the hotel suite and having pictures with her friends. What  I saw was a beautiful bride who was absolutely enjoying her wedding day with her families and friends, and I knew that it ‘s going to be a beautiful day !!!! Thanks for your trust on me and giving me the opportunity to be part of your beautiful wedding. 

And thanks for SAYING HI to me on the plane, it was a great surprise !!!!

ceremony and reception: Four Seasons Hotel
make up: Rainbow Chan
decoration: Simply Grand
video: Ken of KenWongCreations

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simon.the.beautiful.bride … … joanne

a beautiful prewedding photo session.


locations: Tai Tam Reservoir, Stanley Market, stanley military cemetery
make up: Rainbow Chan

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Joanne.Jason (guest post)

What a beautiful bride!!!! Taking photo of her was an easy task for me as every photos are stunning right out of the camera. And what ‘s more important, she is definitely the kind of bride that really enjoyed the wedding day and having great time not only with Jason, but with all the families, friends !!! Take a look at what she loves in her wedding !!!



(guest post by Joanne and Jason)
Less Is More…this phrase is even more true when you arrange your own wedding.  When we plan out our big day, we know we don’t want to be too “conventional” and follow the normal wedding “things to do” step-by-step…in fact, we want to spend more time with our families and friends so they can enjoy our wedding banquet.  In other words, as a bride, I need to sacrifice my time doing makeup/hair, changing multi-dresses or taking some rest which no one can see me…honestly, I’m really glad I didn’t spent all my time in the changing room although I have the same hair style for the whole night, but who cares? I definitely feel happier to chit chat with my friends, uncles & aunties =) having good make-up artist and hairstylist is not easy, so really appreciate I got Ar Be & Francis to help me out on my big day.

On our big day, which I think it’s usually same for everyone, time is limited and everything seems to be little bit rush.  But make sure you spend enough time at the wedding ceremony itself and never rush it…you’re making a life-long commitment so it’s very important to have a good lawyer that help personalize your own wedding and will not just reading out from the book.  Lucky we got Michael Lai as our lawyer and he actually spent some time with us few weeks before our wedding and go through not just the ceremony’s flow but also our emotion & feelings as well.

People often ask where to start to plan out for their wedding, for me it’s easy…Word of Mouth!  While we were choosing our photographer, we actually met with a couple of photographers. One of the question that helped us to decide is “How do you decide when is the best time to take a good photo?”.  One said “Oh, I don’t know but I’ll take one when I feel and see a happy moment”, another, which totally blew us away said “well, usually I’ll foresee how the next moment will play out and be in a position to capture it”…and we made our choice with no doubt!


ceremony: Bethanie Chapel
reception: hyatt at k11
makeup: Be Kwok from LB Make-up studio
video: Ken Wong from Ken Wong Creation
celebrant: Michael Lai of An Oath Wedding

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