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love at the first sight
-wedding of the fiona and kevin


The story began on a Christmas night … Kevin went to the Christmas ball at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), the second he found fiona, he already knew she ‘s the one of his life. The love inside pushed him to make a "first move" — inviting a girl to dance … ….

Did the love story start like this? … … probably not. Fiona didn’t give him a chance, walked away and left the poor Kevin in the dark.

After that night, Kevin couldn’t forget Fiona ‘s face, he got help from his friends in HKU to find the contact of Fiona. And finally, he managed to get Fiona ‘s ICQ no. To his surprise, she was studying Electronic Engineering degree (he graduated from the same department as well), so he kept contacting her and offered to teach her some of the courses.

I didn’t [……]

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-wedding of the fiona and kevin