t for tushiyyah, b for benny

a very quick update:

after 3 weeks’ holiday, I resumed shooting last week. (in fact, just no shooting, but still lots of post processing works).

It was a wonderful holiday – shulin started her two-years old class two weeks ago, and I could stay in the classroom on the first few days and this was really a wonderful and joyful experience. Shulin now have to stay in class on her own, and she gets used to it very soon, just cried on the 1st two days. It is very amazing that children can learn things so fast and she really brings lots of happiness to us.

Apart from the several pre-wedding shoots these two weeks, it is so busy this week – we are going to leave our home in new territories and move to kowloon by end of this week. We have been living in Tai Po for over [……]

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“We love you too.”, said simon and canly
e-session of terry and stephen


“I love you, simon”, “I love you, canly”. – the most heard beautiful words during the e-session of terry and stephen. Whenever I get a great photo, always love to show it to my client on the camera lcd. Love to see their reaction and feel encouraged if they love the photo. This is not an exception for terry and stephen. But what made the day different was, when I showed the LCD to terry, she always loved to say “I love you simon, I love you canly” – wow, that made us so happy on the day!!!!!

Hi Terry, we had to say “We love you too !!!!”

locations: St. Stephen College, Shek O, Central (night shoot), does it really care?

we started the session at St. Stephen college, stephen, thanks for bring us here.

the above photo was done by one off-camera flash (shooting through a white [……]

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e-session of terry and stephen