t for tushiyyah, b for benny

sweet sweet charlotte and kelvin 2
sweet sweet charlotte and kelvin
August 19, 2010
phoebe ricky at Luxe Manor 3
phoebe ricky at Luxe Manor
September 14, 2010

a very quick update:

after 3 weeks’  holiday, I resumed shooting last week. (in fact, just no shooting, but still lots of post processing works).

It was a wonderful holiday – shulin started her two-years old  class two weeks ago, and I could stay in the classroom on the first few days and this was really  a wonderful and joyful experience.  Shulin now have to stay in class on her own, and she gets used to it very soon, just cried on the 1st two days. It is very amazing that children can learn things so fast and she really brings lots of happiness to us.

Apart from the several pre-wedding shoots these two weeks, it is so busy this week – we are going to leave our home in new territories and move to kowloon by end of this week. We have been living in Tai Po for over 10 years, this was such a good place to live,  with lots of good memories and  beautiful scenes (sun rise, the tolo harbour and all the trees and birds outside). Having said that, we decided to move so that it spends less time for shulin travelling to and from the school. So you can imagine my home is full of boxes already … … busy packing.

I wish I  can still manage to squeeze some time updating the blog next few days … …. Here is the pre-wedding session of tushiyyah and benny, one of fav session I did before the holiday. hope you enjoy all the photos below.

BTW, we  just exceeded the mark of seven hundred thousand (700,000 ) visitors here, thanks for all your support !!!!

location: St. Stephen College, Shek O, Pottinger Street (Stone Slab Street)

this is my fav shot of tushiyyah. it was taken at a corner at Pottinger Street. It was very very dark, and I challenged myself using several lights in this shot. 3 lights ‘re used with a mix of flashes and LED light, all with different color gel and light modifier (softbox, grid, barn door … …). like this shot a lot, looks so beautiful and all the lightings give a very 3 dimenional look to it.

our first stop: St. Stephen College


we took lots of great shots inside the library !!!!



second stop: Shek O. Got a lot of new ideas to shoot this time


Oh Canly, how could you do that????








another fav of the day, so beautiful and peaceful !!! This was a new angle for shooting I found in shek O



thanks for lying on the sand for this shot !!!!!

last stop: Pottinger Street


  1. Benny says:

    You know what, we have such a hard time choosing what photos to be put into the album…. Thanks for the excellent photos!!!

  2. tushiyyah says:

    agree!!! 😛 thanks so much for capturing all the great moments 🙂

  3. Bbq Chan says:

    Haha, my wife feels very "disappointed" after watching this set of excellent photos.Well done.

  4. Bbq Chan says:

    Haha, my wife feels very "disappointed" after watching this set of excellent photos.Well done.

  5. Bbq Chan says:

    Haha, my wife feels very "disappointed" after watching this set of excellent photos.Well

  6. Michael says:

    good good good.

  7. Missha says:

    wow whenever i go to shek o its always loud and full of people!
    where is this quieter place?
    i LOVE your photos!!!!