e-session of fiona and ben


Though fiona loves the location of Student Hall of HKU so much, neither ben nor she studied in HKU before. you can imagine it is very difficult for them to go inside to take wedding photo However, with her strong determination and lots of preparation works, we finally get a permission to go inside.

location: HKU and the U-hall, Stanley Market, Central makeup artist: Man Chan of Miracle (her recent interview by esdlife)

the winding stair that she loves a lot

BTW, Canly helped me to take some behind the scene videos on the day, I have put them onto my facebook fans page, Don’t forget to become my fans if you haven’t joined yet.


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the craziest and most energetic couple
– charis and tsui-kit


I am back !!!! such a long long time not updating the blog !!!!

charis and tsui-kit, the craziest and most energetic couple ever !!!! Never stopped shouting, running around, doing funny face and climbing (yes, climbing!!!) … … I strongly believe they both suffer from “hyperactive” problem !!!!! The later the day, the more energetic they were, they never felt tired.

The day after the session, Tsui Kit called me and said “Hey Simon, we had so much fun yesterday, let’s have another post-wedding photo session after our wedding in nov (2009)”, even though I knew he ‘s kidding, I talked to myself 『唔好掛!你地太勁啦,我頂你地唔住呀!』

location: Shek O, the Peak, Hong Kong University Student Hall, Central makeup artist: polly of faces

my fav photo of the day, I love taking photo of Charis, she gets beautiful face. And look like one TV actress (OK, you name it !!!) This was [……]

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– charis and tsui-kit