romance in rain, queenie and sidney

A very special day for queenie and sydney. it ‘s also special for simon as well.

just the day before the shooting, the weather forecast was bad, thunderstorm was expected. I thought the session would be postponed, but out of my expectation, queenie told me they would keep going no matter what.

So what happened? The very second we got on the 7-seater van, it started pouring, and it ‘s so bad that we couldn’t even get off the van any more. six persons in car, we kept  discussing where we could go. They liked going to the peak, but I said there ‘s no way I could take photo at the peak under the thunderstorm.  Then Gracy suggested the Central pier, at least, we could  hide under the pier ceiling … .. That ‘s how we started the day …. ….

finally, I learned that the day  was their 8th anniversary of dating …. …. wow !!!! No wonder not going to postpone. And that ‘s why I felt so romantic in the photos.

and this is real  special for simon — never shoot in rain for such a long long time, again, I like challenges and these push my focus, ability and creativity further. And also thanks Canly for hold the umbrella for my camera and lens and got wet outside.

and also special thanks for gracy for buying such a beautiful umbrella for them, it gave a very nice color touch to all photos.

locations: central pier, the peak, HKU, the elements shopping mall
make up artist: gracy of JustGracy

like this photo, showing something unique in Hong Kong, but doesn’t look cheesy.

the photos will not look good without their smile and happiness


wow!!!! Gracy ‘s using her secret iPhone hair spray !!!!


seldom take such a wide angle shot, this is an exception for me

really love this one, a very special background

when the thunderstorm stopped, we went to the peak. know what?? It ‘s so romantic there with all the mist and drizzle surrounding us.




finally, with the non-stop raining, we didn’t  have any other place to go but HKU. we didn’t apply a permission this time, but lucky that we didn’t get stopped.



finally stop: the elements shopping mall. never thought we can take night photos there. good experience for me.


all the following photos ‘re taken outside a very nice dining location.


love this shot so much. did something new this time. you can see the behind the scene below to find out how I got this shot

another dining place, I used a flash to throw light throught two windows and curtains at the corner.

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