as both faye and matthew ‘re working aboard, I didn’t meet them until they ‘re back to hong kong two weeks before the pre-wedding photo session. I still remembered they asked matthew ‘s father and sister to visit my studio and help them to decide if I am the right photographer for them . Glad that their families love my photos as well, or I don’t have the chance to take the photos of this beautiful couple.

When I first meet Faye and Matthew, I said to myself “OMG, this is such a beautiful lady, lucky me again…..” But faye kept saying to me that she ‘s very very nervous as she feel that she ‘s not a photogenic person and all her photos don’t look good before. in fact, she ‘s so nervous that she couldn’t sleep the night before the photo session.

So, is faye photogenic or not, let the photo tell you

and look forward to their wedding in 2011 !!!!

location: Kam Tin, soho, the peak, central
make up artist: Man Chan of Miracle (tel:27391988)

have you imagined that we can even take good picture inside a 7-seaters van? Faye is changing into the evening gown inside the van, when she finished and I opened the door, oh no, this is the scene what I saw!!!! this is so natural and beautiful !!!!

1st location: Kam Tin
thank you matthew ‘s father for arranging such a nice photo location for us in Kam Tin. we had very beautiful available light the whole day that all day time photos below are taken with available light only, no flash is used.





thank Man Chan for providing this beautiful umbrella for us

2nd location: central, soho



3rd location: the peak



as both of them are not located in Hong Kong, I shouldn’t miss taking the night scene of the HK island for them

faye suddenly asked me “can I kiss matthew?” … … it ‘s so cute of her !!!!

final location: central.
by now, can you tell if faye is photogenic or not???


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