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A busy week 1
A busy week
February 19, 2006
A long waited concert - David To ??? 2
A long waited concert – David To ???
February 22, 2006
A busy week 4
A busy week
February 19, 2006
A long waited concert - David To ??? 5
A long waited concert – David To ???
February 22, 2006

Light on EarthVisited PageOne yesterday to check if there is any new wedding magazine worth buying. Without finding any new one, I went to the bookselves of photographic books and found a new book called “LIGHT on the EARTH” -Two decades of winning images. Woh !! Two decades of winning images.

After flipping a few pages, I couldn’t wait rushing to the counter and purchasing one. The book is packed with over 170nature photosselected from a list of over a quarter of million images submitted in last 20 years. Every image is an art work.

When I started my hobby of photography a few years ago, I mainly shooted nature and landscape. After a few years of shooting, I learned that it is much more diffiicult to shoot nature than shooting wedding. You can’t say “look to your right” or “can you move a few steps towards me” — you just can’t organize anything — all you can do is to wait for the photo to happen. I learned a lot about light when I shooted landscape – waited for the magical hour (sunrise & sunset), and observed how the light coloured the landscape. If you love nature photography, don’t miss this book. It is priced at HK$315 in PageOne.

This book reminds me the time when I went to Tanzania of East Africa for a 12 day private Safari in 2004. The trip was a life-time experience, I was so close to the wild animals and felt the life and death of the them. I went through my photo database again for this trip and here are some of the photos I like most.

Mount Kilimanjaro – the highest mountain in Africa, you can see the snow at the top
Mount Kilimanjaro

Sunset at Lake Manyara
Lake Manyara

Warthog – I loved this “FAMILY SHOT”
Warthog in Serengeti National Park

Did the bird know that I was taking the photo?
Lake Manyara in Tanzania

A lonely elephant on the plain.
Elephant in Lake Manyara

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  1. max says:

    good to browse your blog, and learned that there is a great book called "light on the earth", thanks for your recommendation, i will get to pageone and check it out myself. thx.