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Pre Wedding 景點
香港 婚紗攝影 Pre Wedding 景點 介紹 【一】……山頂
September 15, 2017
pre wedding 山頂景點
香港 婚紗攝影 景點 推介 【二】…… 山頂
October 5, 2017

(guest post from vienna and michael)

An Avid Fan

When a fan meets his/her idol, they are normally awestruck and at a lost for words. This is exactly how we felt when we first met Simon at IFC to decide on our Pre-wedding shoot. Unknown to Simon, we had been following his work the past seven years. We were fascinated by his natural and elegant style, his skilled use of light and his overflowing passion. Thus, it was probably strange to Simon that we were lightning quick to make our decision to have Simon shoot our pre-wedding pictures. We did not consider any other photographer as it was more of an honor for us to be able to be part of his portfolio. In fact, we trusted Simon so much that we did not contact Simon even though the weather forecast for our Pre-wedding was thunderstorms and heavy rain. We envisioned Simon to be a superhero with waterproof powers able to repel water. Fortunately, Simon contacted us and we rescheduled to a sunny day.

Due to our nervousness, we probably had the stiffest poses and smiles of our lives. We are extremely grateful that Simon guided us through every shot and his confidence and passion overflowed to us. His ability to transform something ordinary (like us) to masterpieces was just incredibly brilliant. As the day went by, we loosened up and the beach photos were the most awe inspiring photos we have ever taken. We were glad that all the custom-made dresses got captured, especially the waterproof purple dress. We had loads of fun getting wet and highly appreciate Simon for getting in the water with us. When light was running thin and our day was winding down, Simon still delivered photos that were “Wow! Amazing!” The numerous flashlights, soft boxes, reflectors and the people staring at Stanley made us feel like it was model shoot. It was such a nerve wracking yet thrilling night!

Thank you Simon and team for giving us the opportunity to be captured by your photography. It was a great privilege to have met you and we shall remember this day as a fan’s dream come true. Simon, you are our superhero!

Michael & Vienna

location: Annette, Belair, Shek O – beach, Stanley



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