An Artistic DIY Photo Wall on Wedding Day – Sam and Anderson

wedding in bali, phoebe and julian 1
wedding in bali, phoebe and julian
March 8, 2012
tips for shooting in rain, amy and yan yan 2
tips for shooting in rain, amy and yan yan
April 18, 2012
wedding in bali, phoebe and julian 4
wedding in bali, phoebe and julian
March 8, 2012
tips for shooting in rain, amy and yan yan 5
tips for shooting in rain, amy and yan yan
April 18, 2012

guest post from Sam and Anderson.



Witnessed by 191 family members and friends, Anderson and I had our wedding ceremony on a sunny day at the Harbour Grand Hong Kong. The ceremony was followed by a lunch banquet and a 30 minutes band show, the whole thing was filled with tears and laughter. Like many other newly-weds, we found our wedding finished so quickly despite the fact that it involved over a year of intensive preparation.

I still remember just one month before our wedding, I had an idea to have a photo wall showcasing our pre-wedding photos by Simon in a creative way. I talked to a few vendors but the ideas they gave me did not fulfill my demands. I finally resorted to my bridesmaid Carol, who is artistic, and asked her to “DIY”. Finally, the photo wall was created totally on her own effort with the assistance from one of our groomsmen, Rockson. Photo foam boards were stuck to the wall by bluetapes only, can you imagine? Everyone was amazed by the end product. Anderson and I were humbled to see people admiring and praising our photos. I know Carol had spent much of her effort in designing the photo wall and making it happen, I could not thank her more.


Another most memorable part of our wedding was our self-performed band show, in which, we played a medley with 12 local pop songs of our choice since the 80 ‘s. Those songs carry our collective memories as they accompanied us to walk through our days since childhood. At the end of the show, we performed our favourite song of Eason – 沙龍, with me being the drummer and Anderson playing the guitar. Simon told us later in the day that he teared a bit while we played this song as he was touched! We were surprised but then we understand that without a strong sense of participation, a photographer could never take good wedding photos like what Simon does. We sincerely dedicate this song to Simon, in which the values of photography are gracefully described.

Every beautiful moment of our wedding still vividly repeats in our mind, and luckily we had Simon to capture all these moments to remember. I am sure the below photos taken on our wedding day are story-telling. I hope you enjoy viewing these photos with us, with profound joy and appreciation.

With many thanks,

Sam & Anderson


(words from simon) …. …. thanks Sam and Anderson for your support. you ‘re always my no. 1 fans … …. I feel I am not just your wedding photographer, but also your friends, part of your wedding as well.

ceremony and lunch reception: harbour grand hong kong
video: ken of

getting ready shots


anderson and all the groomsmen, they ‘re busy practicing the singing in the morning because … …

…. … they ‘re going to be challenged during the game session … ….

nice singing !!!!

I just love this moment, sam, sam ‘s parents, all the bridesmaids ‘re all enjoying the singing very much.



the tea ceremony





getting ready for the wedding ceremony

as time ‘s getting closer and closer, people started to get a little bit nervous … …


the ceremony !!!!!




the thank you speech from the newly wed … … full of  …..

laughter and …

tears … …


let’s rock !!!!!!!

after the lunch reception, we took a few portraits inside the hotel. we made a crazy decision to go to the roof of the hotel, and luckily, we made it right. What a wonderful sunset of the day !!!!!! I can tell you IT WAS SO ROMANTIC at that moment … … it was a blessing to end the day like this !!!!

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