Beautiful wedding venue – Atrium Island Shangri-La – wedding of Fiona and Steven

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Beautiful wedding venue - Atrium Island Shangri-La - wedding of Fiona and Steven

Beautiful wedding venue - Atrium Island Shangri-La - wedding of Fiona and Steven


(thank you for the kind words below from Fiona and Steven)
Before I was engaged, I always wanted Simon to be the photographer for my big day.

From the moment we decided to get married, one of the first things on my to-do list was to engage Simon as the wedding day photographer. My only challenge, I thought, was to convince my fiancé to also think the same way.

I needn't have worried. My fiancé (now hubby) immediately hired Simon after meeting him and reviewing his portfolio. My hubby was impressed with Simon's authentic photographic technique and style. "Simon is a true artist" he said, and was confident that Simon would encapsulate the natural emotions we would experience on our special day.

Our wedding day could not have been more perfect. Mother Nature smiled kindly on us, the venue was fantastic, and the schedule flowed more seamlessly than we could have possibly imagined. My husband and I lived through a true dream day. Best of all, Simon was there to capture the key moments, so that we can re-live it again and again.

Our wedding venue was the Island Shangri-La, one of my favorite places since I was a young child. The location is convenient, the food and beverage are top-quality, and the service is excellent. We chose to hold our wedding ceremony at Library, and the banquet in the adjacent Atrium. The Library hall was bathed in glorious afternoon sunshine for the event. In fact, the whole day was fine, clear and sunny, despite constant rain during the whole week preceding.

Our guests came from near and far. We had friends and family fly in from 9 countries around the world. Our bridesmaids and groomsmen truly went the extra mile. They ran the whole day as expertly as event management professionals and put our minds at ease. No detail was too big or too small - they had everything taken care of. The hotel staff were also a great help, which allowed us to just immerse ourselves in the wonderful experiences of the day.

I had so many great memories from our wedding day that it's impossible to list them all. But Simon is able to share some of the best moments with you here. Hope your big day turns out as great as ours!

Best wishes!

Credit for our wedding must go to:
- Ceremony venue: The Library, Island Shangri-La
- Banquet venue: Atrium, Island Shangri-La
- Photographer: Simon.The.Photo
- Videographer: Tart Video
- Harp Trio: The Euphonius
- Band: Emmanuel Hart and Longman Music
- Make Up: Suki Chow, Sweeki Pro
- Chinese Wedding Traditions Advisor: Yvonne Yuk, Lo Kan Fong Chinese Wedding
- Decorations: A-Plus
- Our bridesmaids, groomsmen, and all of our wonderful family and friends who made our day so special

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