wedding of Emily & Jimmy

Hello Santorini, I am coming 2
Hello Santorini, I am coming
April 27, 2007
Santorini - Day 1 3
Santorini – Day 1
April 30, 2007

When I first met Emily 1 year ago, I already knew her wedding was going to be wonderful and different. Emily is the kind of bride who looks into every single details of the wedding & know exactly what she wants. She doesn’t like the standard products from those "wedding factories", and a big wedding in big hotel is not something she ‘s looking for.

the wedding was at Helena May on Jan 20, 2007. Emily had put a lot of effort into every single details of the wedding.
amazing details

the wedding shoes
the wedding shoes

The wedding rings. I put it over their "JME" monogram
the wedding rings

Getting ready in the morning
getting ready

The ceremony was held at 道風山. Emily ‘s ready for the ceremony

the church was full of details as well
details in church

A special moment
a special moment

Exchange of Vows. Look at Emily ‘s mother, such a great moment
exchange of vows

Kissing the bride
kissing the bride

So excited.
husband & wife

After the ceremony, I brought them to the train museum at Tai Po. Jimmy is a train model collector, and he likes this place a lot
location shooting at train museum

Let’s have some fun
location shooting at train museum

Have some more fun again
train museum 3

the decoration at Helena May was wonderful
wedding reception at Helena May

details of the specially designed lamp cover
the specially designed lamp cover

Their "JME" Monogram
the montage

They had 4 very big (it was very big) portraits hanging at the reception
the portrait enlargement

Jimmy loved playing drum, he played with his music teacher at the banquet
Jimmy was play drum with his music teacher

the drum performance. Emily & Gordon (Emily ‘s brother) were so excited
the drum performance

Emily was singing to her family
the Emily family

A special Hawaii dance from Jimmy ‘s friends
the hawaii dance


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