Wedding of Marky & Alex

A beautiful bride - Vivien 2
Protected: A beautiful bride – Vivien
November 1, 2006
A very bad week - both of the cars are down 3
A very bad week – both of the cars are down
November 9, 2006

I always love taking wedding picture of Christians as I found their weddings are always very gentle & people are very nice. Marky & Alex ‘s wedding was not an exception. They had their wedding at Kowloon City Baptist Church & Four Seasons Hotel.

Having the wedding ceremony at Kowloon City Baptist Church has a very special meaning for them as they met each other there.

portrait at the sky floor of Four Seasons Hotel
portrait session at four seasons sky floor

The wedding shoes
wedding shoes

This moment was so gentle. Marky ‘s parent ‘re looking at Alex holding their daughter in arms
Wedding of Marky & Alex 5

The tea ceremony
tea ceremony

Hi, We are going to church !!!
going to church

Marky was walking down the aisle
walking down the aisle

Kowloon City Baptist Church
Kowloon City Baptist Church

Groom, you may now kiss the bride
the moment

Again, this was taken at the sky floor of Four Seasons Hotel. Nice View !!! (PS. I learned from another wedding later that wedding couples are not allowed to take pictures at this open corridor and the staff of Four Seasons told me that some photographers just broke into there without their knowledge. Sorry I was one of them on that day)
four seasons sky floor

I really like the decoration of the banquet. Marky & Alex had a big tree on stage. I asked them to sit under the tree to take this picture.
Thanks Ken for helping me for the lighting to create the shadow on the backdrop

nice decoration

Same day video editing by Ray of One Shot Production
same day video eding by One Shot Production

The video was really touching. It made them laugh & cry. Well done !!!
laugh & cry

At the end of the banquet, Alex gave a big hug to Marky. Lovely !!!
a big hug at the end of banquet

Congratulations !!!!!
congratulation !!!



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