My cameras eat storage !!

Louisa and Nigel - location shooting at the Peak 1
Louisa and Nigel – location shooting at the Peak
March 15, 2006
Eve and Jon 2
Eve and Jon
March 19, 2006

As the resolution of digital camera gets higher and higher, so does the size of those photos. On average, I shooted around 10-15 G of photos for each wedding. I found my Harddisk is getting almost full very soon.

I am considering to buy a Network Attached Storage (NAS) to hook it onto my nework so that every PC (In fact, I have 2 PCs and 1 laptop in my room) can share the files on the NAS. However, after shopping around in Golden Computer shopping mall, I found that most of the good branded NAS costs around HK#3,000 for around 250G storage.

Finally, instead of buying a NAS, I just purchased an USB external harddisk box and a 300G harddisk, which is only around HK$1,200 in total. That storage device has enough capacity to store photos for next 30 weddings.

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