my christmas gift

wedding on christmas day<br>- linny and tony 2
wedding on christmas day– linny and tony
December 27, 2007
bar mitzvah of james - part I 3
bar mitzvah of james – part I
January 16, 2008

I was very surprised when I received gifts from my clients, I felt very undeserved. I should send you gift instead as you all gave me so many good memories and happiness in your weddings.
Thanks so much, merry Christmas and have a happy 2008 !!!!

Hi Joan, thanks for the chocolate. I am sorry that we didn’t talk too much last time and thanks for your referral. BTW, my wife love the chocolate so much.

Hi Ruby, the cookie arrived at my home today. It ‘s so nice of you.
gift today

I still haven’t started to play the pinhole camera yet, thank you. I should have some time with it after the current peak season … …
the pinhole camera


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