Weather is so bad today

engagement of Sylvia & Jimmy 2
engagement of Sylvia & Jimmy
March 29, 2007
A wedding on my birthday -<br>Vivian & Keith 3
A wedding on my birthday –Vivian & Keith
April 10, 2007

The weather is so bad today, we have rain & thunderstorm. I should have an assignment today, but this is the 3rd time we have to cancel the engagement shooting of Roma & Calvin because of bad weather. It is really frustrating !!!Weather is so bad today 5

This week is a very busy week, I suppose to complete the retouch of 4 sets of photos and I am working 18 hr a day to finish them all.

Just took a break & browsed through the photos I took on the Sunday one week ago with Xandra at Plover Cove Reservoir. The weather was nice that day and the landscape was interesting … ..

The last time I went to Plover Cove Reservoir was the engagement shooting of Emily & Paul back in last Nov. The view was so different this time and the water became very shallow that we can walk to the other side of the reservoir. (All photos ‘re taken by my Casio 850 DC, I love this DC, the battery seems to last forever … …)
Plover Cove

This is the other side we ‘re going
We 're going to the other side

Some construction work here

nice color & contrast
nice color & contrast

Xandra & Simon. Xandra left for Beijing last Sat for her ten-days holiday. I am sorry that I can’t go with her this time
Simon & Xandra

Xandra & Simon again
Simon & Xandra again

Fishing used to be my no. 1 hobby, but I seldom go fishing in last two years

Xandra & Simon, oh, should be cow
Xandra & Cow

Sunset view when return
A sunset view

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