st. teresa ‘s church

May 11, 2010

wedding of my dear assistant

I really can’t remember when is my last time that I can blog a wedding within 1 week after it. I am still having a huge backlog (I guess , […]
April 22, 2009

wedding of miranda and anthony

back to the university time … … anthony joined a singing contest. The song he sang was “我願意” … … when he was on stage, the one he was thinking of was miranda, even thought they hadn’t started dating yet at that time. So the song was so meaningful to him and he sang this song to miranda again on their wedding day.
March 16, 2008

my biggest wedding in 2007
– hui kwan and clarence

As I am only a freelance wedding photographer (without an office or studio, & no one help me to pick up phone call and replying email) , I never thought […]
December 18, 2006

A sweet sweet love –
Christine & Anthony

This is really sweet. Anthony had secretly made a "楊枝甘露" dessert for Christine and he even taped the whole process into a video. To give Christine a big surprise, the […]