A Fusion Wedding – Jackie & Juerg

wedding of Winnie & Stanley 2
wedding of Winnie & Stanley
October 15, 2006
Wedding of Seeing & Stanley
October 26, 2006

When Ann gave the speech, she described the wedding of Jackie & Juerg a fusion wedding. Juerg comes from Switzerland while Jackie is a "British born Chinese" living in Malaysia. Then they chose to have their blessing ceremony in Hong Kong at hotel Conrad Hong Kong. Their families and friends came from all over the world to celebrate with them. I also like the idea of having a dessert buffet with Chinese Banquet.

Congratulation to Jackie & Juerg !!

Getting Ready inside Conrad Hong Kong
getting ready

The blessing ceremony
The blessing ceremony

Making the Vow
The vow

This ‘s the moment
The husband & wife

Speech from the Best man and Maid of honor
The bestman & MOH speech

The speech
The bestman & MOH speech

The wedding dance
The first dance

The wedding dance
so romantic

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