A wedding in snow – Amy & Ricky

Too many meetings ... ... 2
Too many meetings … …
April 28, 2006
Won in the [AG]WPJA April contest!!! 3
Won in the [AG]WPJA April contest!!!
May 17, 2006

Yesterday I shot the wedding of Amy & Ricky at Hotel Sheraton Kowloon. Ricky prepared a big suprise to Amy and all the guests (I didn’t know about that neither). In the middle of their speech, there ‘s snow falling sunddenly. The scene ‘s so romantic and I happened to be at the prefect positiong to capture this moment.

Amy ‘s really suprised at the moment
wedding photo of Amy and Ricky

This photo ‘s taken below Ricky ‘s apartment and we ‘re about to return to hotel.
About to go to the wedding registration

Ricky was really happy after the ceremony
A wedding in snow - Amy & Ricky 5

A fun time after the signing ceremony
happy moments

I really love the color of this Bouquet
The Bride's Bouquet

This evening dress was so beautiful
nice wedding dress

the "moment" was captured in this picture
A romantic moment

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