Engagement photos – Fion and John

Nam Sang Wai 2
Nam Sang Wai
February 27, 2006
Harbour Plaza Resort City - wedding expo 3
Harbour Plaza Resort City – wedding expo
March 7, 2006

Fion and John are tying the knot on Nov 27 at the Airport Regal. I took the engagement photos for them at Nam Sang Wai and Shek O yesterday (3/3).

Fion was really gorgeous, she had a  pretty smile throughout the day, I could feel that she really enjoy the photo session a lot. While John is a challenge for me as he doesn’t used to smile too much.Tongue out

 Fion and John _ 1

 The sun light was really nice in the pic
Wedding Photo of Fion and John 

They ‘re really enjoying the moment 
wedding photos of Fion & John at Nam Sang Wai

This shot was taken when John’s trying to put his hand over Fion ‘s head to shield the sunlight (It is very lovely of him!!)
Fion and John at Shek O

The mirror image is really beautiful !!
Fion & John walking on the Beack

BTW, The weather was so good that, if we took the shot one day before (Thu), it would be very cold (<10C), which it would rain if one day later (Sat).

weather forecast

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