a prewedding that represents my natural and unplugged style …… pikki.henry

why I shot this prewedding with natural light only? ……kitty.kelvin 2
why I shot this prewedding with natural light only? ……kitty.kelvin
September 5, 2014
corinna and mr.chan @ italy 3
corinna and mr.chan @ italy
September 30, 2014

this is another beautiful prewedding photo session. No flash, no HDR were used for all the day time photo. this is the natural and “unplugged” look that becomes the signature of my photo style. thanks pikki and henry and look forward to your wedding in Oct.

location: studio @ Frankie.C Photography (thanks Frankie for offering the location to us), stanley market, stanley military cemetery, central

A or B ???? Which photo do you like ???

thinking for a long time, and still can’t decide which photo should be chosen to be the opening photo of the post. so finally, I put both and let you decide.

A) simple is the best …. … a very simple photo with color background that make you focus on their face, expression, and body language/shape … … (no more stupid and lousy landscape)
I like the way pikki look at the camera. This is always difficult to ask the couple to look at the camera, as most of the people will feel uneasy and look uncomfortable, so most of the photographer will ask them to look away to pretend to be natural. However, IMHO, if you can make it and make it right, looking at the the camera will always give you a stunning photo.

B) simple is the best again … … using a simple background is my favorite, I always like to use mono-color, pattern or simple landscape as background in my photos, so that all your focus will be on the people.
I like the body curve, the details of the dress and the hair styling a lot, they make this shot stand out from the rest of others


1st location: studio @ Frankie.C Photography





2nd location: Stanley Market … …. balloon and ice-cream


we got beautiful sunset light on the day … … using flash will be waste of the beautiful  natural light

honestly, Henry is a little bit nervous … …

3rd location: Stanley military cementry


another fav of the day …. ..

last location: Central

beautiful dress, lots of details

I can tell you, this is a difficult pose. thanks pikki



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