a simple, elegant and timeless prewedding …… ida.jerry

a simple, elegant and timeless prewedding …… ida.jerry 2
a wedding with beautiful bride and happy families …… vivian.kenneth
April 10, 2013
a simple, elegant and timeless prewedding …… ida.jerry 3
that was one of the most challenging pre wedding I ever have … … grace.ryan
August 5, 2013

after posting several sets of Wedding day photos, I think it’s time for posting pre wedding this time.

simple, elegant and timeless — nothing better than these three words to describe the style of their wedding photos. I always believe that it is essential that we not only capture the beauty and happiness of the couple, but also tell you the character of the couple in the photos as well

the shooting started at the Disney hotel, a very good choice made by jerry. the decoration and setup there fits their style perfectly. the sofa, the window light from balcony, the curtain, and the mirror are all I need to capture good photos.
the shooting then followed by Kim Tin and Stanley Market. Ida likes the Tree house at Kim Tin a lot, so we spent quite a lot of time there. The branches of the tree gave a very good contrast to ida ‘s beautiful dress and made the dress pop out in the shot. Nice.

make up artist: Be Kwok  from LB Make-up studio

my fav shot of ida
the shot was taken by window light only, no flash, no video light.
lighting is the most important factor in this kind of shot, as it works as a drawing pen to outline the face, figure and texture of the dress. A slight change of angle, brightness or quality of light will give you a totally different photo.

1st location: disney hotel

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another fav of the day





2nd location: Kim Tin




stanley market


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