Engagement Photos – Zoe & Kenneth

Bar Mitzvah - Daniel Metoudi 2
Bar Mitzvah – Daniel Metoudi
September 20, 2006
it 's so touching -<br>Wedding of Maggie & Simon 3
it ‘s so touching –Wedding of Maggie & Simon
September 26, 2006

What a wonderful day !! When I had the pre-meeting with Zoe & Kenneth one month ago, we believed it ‘s going to be a very hot day when we took the engagement photos on last Friday (Sept 22). It turned out that the weather was so nice and it was around 24-25 degree. We had a lot of fun and they did a great job whole day.

Zoe & Kenneth are going to tie the knot on Oct 28 at Harbour Plaza Hong Kong and I am already looking forward to their wedding.

Special moment
nice moment.

Kenneth did a great job to make Zoe smile whole day
Zoe & Kenneth 's engagement photo

So Lovely
So lovely

Nam Sang Wai
Secret garden

A perfect match

The water was so cool … ….
It 's cool

They smiled whole day and were so camera friendly
Tai Tam

Hi Kenneth, you did it !!!!
Tai Tam

Shek O Beach
Shek O

Guess what Kenneth was doing … ….
Guess what Kenneth 's doing

By the end of the day, we had some drinks in a café at Central. I liked this place a lot.
A cafe at Central

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