How does Simon cheer the bride up during Prewedding session, our beautiful Bride Chloe gave a hint to us in her guest post … … chloe.felix

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January 30, 2012
That 's how I take my first Prewedding photos on a ruby field …… carrie.stephen 3
That ‘s how I take my first Prewedding photos on a ruby field …… carrie.stephen
February 20, 2012

I just found that I didn't write about any pre-wedding/engagement photo session for a long long time. My last write up of pre-wedding session was Aug last year already .........

Anyway, just came up a new idea for all my clients, you 're welcome to contribute "Guest Post" to my blog here - you can write anything you like about your photo session or anything you 'd like to share about your wedding. I believe all my blog readers will be very eager to see more client sharing here. At the same time, it also helps me a lot to post your photos faster here. isn't it cool

here is the first guest post from chloe and felix !!!!


A beautiful sunny day and perfect for photo shooting! The locations chosen were not unique - Soho, Stanley market (which was where we became engaged), Tai Tam and the Peak. Chloe had chosen a dress from LM and we were assisted by Candy throughout the day for the make-ups. We were both very excited before the photo shooting and only slept for a few hours before the day!

We really felt Simon's passion throughout the shooting. One moment that really shocked us was when he suddenly lied belly flat on the walking pathway of Hollywood Road near Lang Kwai Fong taking photo of Chloe's shoes, while there were cars steaming by us! The one thing that we most enjoyed working with Simon was that every time when he thought he took a good shot (actually we were sure every shot taken by him was perfect), he would immediately show the shot to us, with a huge smile on his face just like child! It is very rare nowadays to find someone so passionate with their job, and his passion overwhelmed us throughout the whole day. We were touched.

Thank you for capturing these wonderful moments for us. We can't wait to repeat this experience again on our Wedding Day!

Chloe and Felix

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