That ‘s how I take my first Prewedding photos on a ruby field …… carrie.stephen

That 's how I take my first Prewedding photos on a ruby field …… carrie.stephen 2
How does Simon cheer the bride up during Prewedding session, our beautiful Bride Chloe gave a hint to us in her guest post … … chloe.felix
February 9, 2012
2012 Hong Kong wedding videography award
February 28, 2012

We were very much looking forward to our pre-wedding shoot with our favourite photographer, and were disappointed when we had to cancel it due to weather conditions on the first scheduled date. We ended up having to wait for two more months, but it was all worth it. The sun brought wonderful colours to the photos and it was great seeing Simon get so excited with the lighting. We took Simon to locations which were special to us – Parkview (where we met and grew up) and the high school we attended. Then we went to Mount Davis for some sunset photos and Star Ferry for shots of the classic Hong Kong skyline.

We cannot remember the number of slopes and stairs we went up and down that day. It was a day full of exercise for everyone and we are extremely grateful to Simon, Simon ‘s assistant – Siu B and Ed (Carrie’s makeup artist) for all their hard work. Many thanks Simon for your tireless efforts in taking the best photos for us. We were very impressed with every shot you showed us. You are truly an exceptional photographer.

Many thanks,


Carrie and Stephen


my fav shot of the day. this was a surprising moment …. …. my original plan was just carrie and stephen lying on the playground of their high school, and I was shooting from 10th floor above. Suddenly, a group of students (playing ruby) ran close to them (they ‘re so focused on their game that they almost stepped on them). There was nothing I could control and it was a split second moment that I captured 2 shots and this is the best shot in terms of the position of the students.

1st location: Parkview





2nd location: their high school




3rd location: Mount Davis



night session at TST and star ferry
it is a big challenge for me shooting in such a crowded location



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  1. Chris Brouillette says:

    Simon, your posts inspire me. My name is Chris and I am from the United States. I subscribed to your blog last month and anticipate your every post. Your customers are very lucky to get you. Your photographs are amazing. Thanks for posting your work and for the very interesting writing. Thanks and have a great week…Chris