Humid, muddy, sweat … …
Hot & sexy – Emily & Andrew

Holiday in Cebu 2
Holiday in Cebu
May 27, 2006
What kind of wedding pictures are excellent? 3
What kind of wedding pictures are excellent?
June 14, 2006

Though the weather was not very nice yesterday, Emily & Andrew sticked with the plan to have the engagement shooting. Having said that, Emily & Andrew are such a sweet couple and the bad weather didn’t stop them enjoying the day.

The 1st time I met them, they both said that they were shy and didn’t know how to pose …. But they lied to me. Not only were they not shy, I found Emily really hot & sexy yesterday.

engagement photos of Emily & Andrew


Make up session before we headed to Shek O, the make up artist is Florence Chan of SAY-so
Make up

This is the 1st few photos we had when we arrived at Nam Sang Wai, both Emily & Andrew didn’t take too much time to warm up and it was so easy to take picture of them
engagement shooting at Nam Sang Wai

Shek O
Shek O

Get your feet wet !!!
getting wet

Emily, You ‘re so natural in front of the camera !!
Hot & sexy - Emily

It was really a fun day yesterday
A lot of fun !!

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