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wedding of irene and tommy 2
wedding of irene and tommy
September 3, 2015
A beautiful wedding at Grissini Grand Hyatt …… Queenie and Keith 3
A beautiful wedding at Grissini Grand Hyatt …… Queenie and Keith
July 8, 2016

(guest post from kristy and travis)

Simon the Perfectionist

Having followed Simon’s blog for almost 3 years and with several recommendations from friends and colleagues, we know clearly about Simon’s style and strength. Still, We are amazed by how far a photographer can go for his profession. Simon’s attention to details and his effort to shoot a bride from the best perspective distinguishes him from others.


Simon’s portraits of brides are stunning. Literally, he is a perfectionist. Every little move of how a bride poses strikes a big difference before him. He is mindful of whether the bride is always in good shape (e.g. even one strand of hair!) and how sunlight mingles with images to unveil the most impressive pictures appealing to viewers.

Simon surprised us with his skills of mastering the use of direct sunlight. On our prewedding day, we became sunlight chasers and followed where bright sunlight went. He swiftly captured our intimate relationship and sweetness in a natural way. We perceive him as a photographer who tends not to rely on post production and polishing.

In addition, Simon led us to take photos with ease. He has high demand of his work and has shown great enthusiasm towards the prewedding shooting. Before long, he gained our trust on how the shooting should go. With his experience in wedding shooting, Simon precisely understands our needs and style we prefer. In particular, our causal wear shooting part could not have been so smooth without his guidance.

Last but not least, Man Chan, our stylist and her team, collaborated perfectly well with Simon and played a significant and active role in the shooting process. Man was responsive to Simon and our requests and from time to time took care of Kristy’s style. No doubt, Simon and Man have great chemistry. Her judgment call on different styles and her decisive character on styling are inspiring and fascinating.

Both Simon and Man are very professional towards the prewedding shooting task. They have by all means tried to cater for our needs while patiently listened to our thoughts and concerns. While prewedding shooting could have been stereotyped, they made best endeavors to suit what we desire.

We take this opportunity to thank Simon, Man and their team again for their great work on our prewedding shooting.

makeup artist: Man Chan

location: studio, Stanley market









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