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March 13, 2012
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May 9, 2012

It has been awhile since my last post. Schedule was crazily busy recently and it got worse that my blog got hacked frequently in last two weeks and I had to restore my blog several times to keep it running. Finally, with help from my friend, I just upgraded the blog software to the latest version and hopes that all the security holes are corrected and further hacking is prevented.

The weather this week is so bad that all pre wedding sessions are postponed. Shooting in rain is always not an easy task. The session of amy and yan yan was definitely one of the most difficult one recently. The rain never stopped, lighting was very flat, and the strong wind made us hold any lighting equipment difficult, if not impossible.

make up artist: mini chan

Below are two photos that I love a lot. Both were shot under rain, one in day time, one at light, one by available light, one by flash

this is one of my fav photo of the day – it is the feeling of the intimacy that makes it stand out from the rest of other photos
When we arrived at Shek O, it rained so bad that both Amy and YanYan had to stay in their car. While waiting, I got a new idea of shooting through the windows with rain drops on it. thank MUA mini and Nicole (my assistant) for holding the umbrellas for me, and big thank to amy and Yan Yan for working out this great photo in the small cabinet of their car. Only available light was used, no flash, no reflector, but this is definitely my fav of the day !!!!!

another fav of day. night shooting in central.
When we have drizzle at light, it is easy to include them in the photo if you put a light (flash) in front of the camera and behind your subject. Two flashes were used, one on Amy from camera right and another one behind her. Angle, power and color of the flashes were the most important factors to considered.


our first stop: Stanley military cemetery


thanks for lying on the wet grass !!!

wow !!!! sexy bride !!!!

our second stop: Shek O





it was so dark when we arrived at the beach. Luckily I had a beautiful couple, otherwise, it is difficult to take photo under such difficult condition


last stop: central


congratulations !!!!! See you both again in June !!!!!

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  1. amy says:

    that was a gloomy, windy and rainy shooting day, my make up was washed off, my hair became very messy, and we all got headache and tired after exposing to such bad weather for just the first single hours. Honestly, i had been so worried about the output though Yan Yan kept asking me to trust Simon. When i saw the photos, i was totally speechless. Simon is Simon, he is genuinely a magician changing the impossible to possible! The whole set of them is so romantic, sweet yet stylish that it is exactly what we are after! Both Yan Yan & I love the photos dearly! Our heartfelt thanks to Simon, the best of the best photographer!