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March 31, 2015
Why an experienced wedding photographer is so important to your wedding, our beautiful bride Susanna shares her wedding day experience to us .. .. susanna.tony
April 27, 2015

( Guest Post by Kathy and Kenneth)

One question I often heard among friends preparing for wedding is how you choose your wedding photographer among all the practitioners in the market.

We believe that wedding day photo session is much more difficult than pre-wedding session in a sense that it is recording interaction and response. There are many individuals involved. We have no control what is going to happen in the next few minutes despite we have a rundown. Yet, the reactions of friends and families, the emotions, the laughters and perhaps the joyful tears are the most valuable parts of wedding, which we wish to capture and remember for the rest of our lives. We also wish to share our joy with the important ones who for some reasons could not attend our wedding. Therefore, we need a photographer who is able to capture and reflect the affection and emotions in pictures vividly.


We came across Simon’s blog and were astonished by his talents to gracefully capture and reflect the touching moments and strong emotions in every picture he took in different weddings. By going through his pictures, we feel like we had attended various weddings and were able to share the joy with each couple. While we met Simon in person, we could feel Simon’s passion and dedication to his job as a wedding photographer, not only running a money-making business, or bluffing about his skills, techniques or awards that he was accredited. He truly enjoys his job! We knew that Simon has to be our wedding day photographer. This is also how we screen and select every other service providers for our wedding – we need them to be passionate!


During the whole day, we could hardly feel Simon’s presence. We did not know which position he went to or how he took pictures of us. We bet that is how feelings and moments are truly recorded without deliberate manipulation. Kenneth and I are grateful for the dedication and professional standard Simon and his team demonstrated. Thanks to the contribution of every crew participated in our wedding, the day went on so well. Everything just ran smoothly. We trust that it is because we got the right crew for every part of our wedding. I am a fashion fans who love graceful and elegant gowns, heels and jewels. One bonus is that Simon does share the same appreciation of beauty with me! Thanks Simon for appreciating and capturing the true beauty of the designer gowns and heels.

Last but not least, we believe you must have got the answer to the above question already.
(One funny remark: after we officially confirmed Simon’s engagement, I bumped into Simon on the plane when I was on my way back from business trip. We chatted for a while and took a picture together. What a coincidence! Well, is that what we called “緣份”?)


(words from simon)
The very first second I saw Kathy in the morning of her wedding, she was already walking around in the hotel suite and having pictures with her friends. What  I saw was a beautiful bride who was absolutely enjoying her wedding day with her families and friends, and I knew that it ‘s going to be a beautiful day !!!! Thanks for your trust on me and giving me the opportunity to be part of your beautiful wedding.

And thanks for SAYING HI to me on the plane, it was a great surprise !!!!

ceremony and reception: Four Seasons Hotel
make up: Rainbow Chan
decoration: Simply Grand
video: Ken of KenWongCreations



beautiful shoes




tea ceremony



happy bridesmaids


hahahaha, it not common to have funny photo like this on my blog





a few portrait shots inside four seasons




wow !!!!

nice stage setup by simply grand

the ceremony was about to begin


the moment that father passing her lovely daughter to another man and walked away … …




hahahaha .. … Kathy … … … you may kiss the groom … ..

a short love story video prepared by themselves

Kenneth prepared a surprise for Kathy

wow !!!! What a surprise !!!!!



congratulations !!!!

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