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May 18, 2011
Our backyard garden kavy and ben 3
Our backyard garden kavy and ben
June 17, 2011

just met a client and confirmed a pre-wedding session in july. really feel encouraged as I found more and more clients understand and appreciate my style of wedding photos. Nothing happier than seeing people able to speak out the difference of my photography style to other photographer ‘s style.

Let me talk more about this in next few blog posts.

just finished another very happy wedding this week, and love the same day photo edit very much. Hope you like it as well.

ceremony and reception: four seasons hotel hong kong
video: ken of simon.the.photo
wedding planner: the theme wedding (feel so happy to work with a professional wedding planner like them, highly recommend)



  1. Iamdancersam says:

    another set of awesome pictures!!! Love the photos very much! My idol Simon is the best !

  2. Qxorno Art says:

    awesome series man!!! nice color editing. Mind to share what kind of slide-show software u using?

  3. Vicky C. says:

    Thanks so much, Simon. It is our pleasure to work with your team too. Nice & Professional! 

  4. Shirley Yau says:

    Wow! Great pictures! Proud to be your assistant as I can witness how this wonderful same day photo edit come out in such a limited time.