vanessa.jacky same day photo edit 1
vanessa.jacky same day photo edit
June 9, 2011
sam.ryan 2
June 20, 2011
vanessa.jacky same day photo edit 4
vanessa.jacky same day photo edit
June 9, 2011
sam.ryan 5
June 20, 2011

In last two weeks, I was contacted by several wedding magazines for interview regarding my opinion on oversea pre wedding. So guess what? I turned down all these interviews finally. why? Oversea pre wedding  is getting more and more popular in last two years, it’s so popular that it starts to become a COMMODITY. However, if you ‘ve followed my blog for a while, you may notice that I didn’t do any oversea pre-wedding session in last two years. As I always tell my client —  first, location is the least important element in my photo, second, there are so many places in Hong Kong that are so beautiful, together with the additional time and money required for oversea job, I much prefer staying in hk for pre wedding.

I feel glad (and lucky) that there are still so many clients that love having pre-wedding photos in Hong Kong and always bring me lot of interesting locations – and kavy and ben are definitely one of them.

they both live in Ma Wan, so we started the shooting at the Ma Wan old village. The last time I was there was already four years ago. This is such a beautiful and quiet location that I love it very much, and it was just like a hiking that we walked around to look for photo opportunities — no specific route, no specific scenic point — that ‘s the way of shooting that I love very much.

location: Home, Ma Wan old village, the peak, temple street.
make up artist: cherry from Makeup Rainbow

this is one of my fav photo of the day. this was shot at the peak and here is my thinking process behind this photo.

When I arrived, I saw a patch of light passing through the branches and I immediately thought it was a photo opportunity there. After asking kavy to stand under this light, the next thing that I needed to consider is what should kavy do to blend into the environment. When I take photo of the bride, I always think how I can do the best for her and what should be highlighted in the photo, it can be her eyes, her face, hair, the dress, the shoes, the body figure, the emotion, the smile …. … you name it, the possibility is just unlimited. In this case, I found kavy ‘s dress (the back) look awesome, and I was thinking putting her back as the highlight of this pic. By positing her at the right location, with the light and shadow on her back, it gave us a very three dimensional look of her back and her figure. that ‘s how this photo was created, all by available light only.

before we started shooting outdoor, we took a few photos at home first


the lovely Ma Wan old village





2nd location: the peak


last location: the temple street. never thought I would take pre-wedding photo here. they brought me here because here  was where Ben first dated Kavy out. Oh … … first dating at temple street ????? Ben, you ‘re awesome !!!!!




  1. Ben Tsang says:

    yes, Simon, I totally agree with you! Hong Kong has a lot of pretty/beautiful places if you can pay more attention on it.

  2. Kavy says:

    Simon, Temple street is very nice place, isn’t it? ^.^

  3. Ben Tsang says:

    Forget to say a “big thanks” to you, Simon, because of your hard work on that day!

  4. Fashion jewelry says:

    How beautiful !!!