wedding of clara and thomas – day 1

a box of love – part two
February 20, 2010
anniversary session – hazel and derek
March 3, 2010

No matter how much you have planned, there are always surprises on a wedding day. I ‘ve seen lots of bride got upset and ruin the mood and her own wedding.

Recently I got an email from a bride, she said she got upset on the day because of all the hassles – not enough sleep, rushing schedule,  the arguing wedding party … … My respond is, from my experience, there is no perfect wedding, no matter how much you have prepared. And that ‘s all these “little surprises” that make your wedding memorable and unique.

I love the wedding of clara and thomas a lot. It ‘s so relaxing on the day, not only they separated the wedding into two days, but they are indeed very relaxing, nice, easy going couple.

Something really terrible happened on the day. They planned to have the wedding ceremony at 3:30 pm. Guess what? the celebrant didn’t show up before 3:45pm, and there ‘s no phone call, no message from her. To my surprise, Clara didn’t get upset at all, and she could still enjoy and have fun with her friends. I was really impressed. Happy couple is happy couple, nothing can stop them enjoying the day.

This is my 1st time to have wedding at the government LCSD wedding venue (there are six of them). What a  good idea, but I believe there is a lot can be done and improved by the government. We had the ceremony at the repulse bay beach, very very nice location, but all the facilities are very minimal (and raw, I can say), not up to a modern wedding venue standard. Not to mention, the restroom is very very far away … … Hope it can be improved in the future and don’t waste this beautiful scenic location.

get ready: four seasons hotel
ceremony: repulse bay beach, LSCD Venue
video: Chan Kai

one of my fav shot of the day. I took this at the Stanley Market, BTW, thanks for the very nice dinner.

a few fav shots in the morning




I was challenging myself in this pic. a very dark corridor,  shot by 50 1.2 wide open, all by available light, moving subjects and manual focus.



thomas ‘s mother

it ‘s so warm

changed into wedding gown



nice weather, nice view, nice location

lots of beautiful details in the ceremony


happy couple enjoying the day. Can you imagine that  the celebrant didn’t show up without any notification just 30 min ago.

congratulations !!!!



we had a special guest – a sea gull


nice sunset shot

stunning !!!!

don’t know how to do the above pose, don’t worry, the crazy simon can do the demonstration for you.

the working team: Chan Kai, karen from yung ‘s harmony, SoFie, Simon and Canly

another night shot at the stanley market

stay tuned for the update of the 2nd day of their wedding.


  1. simon says:

    yes. clara is a very sweet bride and nice girl.

  2. Melin Fung says:

    Such a sweet dimple-faced bride!

  3. Melin Fung says:

    Such a sweet dimple-faced bride!

  4. Annie says:

    Very sweet bride!!! Can I ask Clara where did u get the evening gown? You look gorgeous in it!!!

  5. Annie says:

    Very sweet bride!!! Can I ask Clara where did u get the evening gown? You look gorgeous in it!!!

  6. Melin Fung says:

    Such a sweet dimple-faced bride!