Wedding of Elsa & Joseph

engagement - Joanna & Gordon<br>-An unbelievable love story 2
engagement – Joanna & Gordon-An unbelievable love story
December 2, 2006
Wedding of Unique & Andy at Gold Coast 3
Wedding of Unique & Andy at Gold Coast
December 5, 2006

I loved the wedding of Elsa & Joseph.

Joseph ‘s a very gentle husband, he gave a big surprise to Elsa during the banquet. He hide behind and suddenly started to play guitar and sang the song "Love me Tender" to Elsa.

Look at Elsa and see how much she enjoyed this moment
Love me tender

Getting ready in the morning. I love the reflection on the floor
Getting Ready in the morning

Joseph has arrived !!!
Joseph arrived !!!

It ‘s very smart of Joseph
It 's so smart of Joseph !!

The bouquet
the bouquet

Elsa & her mother

I always love to capture the moment when the groom smiled to the bride
Joseph 's so happy to meet Elsa

A moment before going to church
a moment before going to church

We ‘re going to church
We 're going to church

Elsa & Joseph had their ceremony at Tsim Sha Tsui TST Baptist Church
A moment before the church ceremony

the processional
the processional

TST Baptist Church
TST Baptist Church


It was not easy to take picture at front end of this church. Why? look at the next pic
TST Baptist Church

Behind the scene: In order to capture from the front, I had to keep this position for a few minutes to wait for the perfect moment
behind the scene. So difficult to keep stable in this position

kissing the bride
kissing the bride

Before the banquet, Joseph was practicing the guitar when Elsa ‘s away
practising the guitar

The moment when Joseph started to play guitar and sing the song "Love me Tender"
A big suprise to Elsa

The invitation. They have their engagement photo printed on the invitation. I love their photos, this is a very special one — they took the photos at the Peak with very foggy weather. The photographer was Norm Yip — another Hong Kong member of Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA). I have browsed through the whole set of photo, it was amazing. Their photos is featured at the 1st page of Norm Yip ‘s website
the invitation


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