wedding of kristy and clement

wedding of kristy and clement 2
wedding of gwen and ian
November 24, 2007
wedding of kristy and clement 3
wedding of katherine and shamim
December 18, 2007

Having been expecting Kristy and Clement ‘s wedding for a long long time. Kristy made the booking with me back in early 2006, almost two years before the wedding !!!

wedding date: 27 Oct, 2007
ceremony: St. Margaret ‘s Church
reception: the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

After the church ceremony, we went to the Peak for outdoor shooting. I love this location a lot. Contrary to a popular belief, this photo was not created by Photoshop. We had a real blue sky as the background
I love this location at the peak

getting ready
getting ready shot

putting on the veil
fav of the day

Kristy ‘s ready
kristy is ready !!!

the wedding rings
the wedding ring

Clement ‘s coming
clement is coming

so much love in this photo
I love this moment

happy moment in the limo
happy moment in the car

the ceremony was as St. Margaret ‘s Church. It is the most popular wedding location among my clients
arrival at the st. margaret church

the happy bride
a happy bride

the happy groom
the happy groom

the happy family
the happy parents

When ‘ll you be mine?
so much in love

husband and wife !!!!!!
husdband and wife

outdoor shooting at the Peak
location shooting at the Peak

the happy couple
happy couple




  1. Cc says:

    love that blue sky picture!

  2. Cc says:

    love that blue sky picture!