Why capturing real moments is so difficult on wedding day? vince.albert

Cambodia Pre Wedding - jacqueline.bob 2
Cambodia Pre Wedding – jacqueline.bob
April 4, 2019
婚禮中,為甚麼要由 父親把女兒牽進教堂
June 7, 2019

For me, wedding day photos are about capturing the moments. As a professional wedding photographer, we need to focus, observe, and capture all the moments in a beautiful and artistic way.

It’s a shame that lots of young and inexperienced wedding photographers nowadays  treat wedding day just as another prewedding session. Instead of capturing real moment, they don’t bother to observe and just set up or create all the scenes instead. As a result, their photos just look the same in all their weddings works and all we can see are fake moments.

the beautiful wedding of vince and albert

ceremony and reception: Hyatt Regency Shatin
one of my fav photo of the day.

Just before giving away his daughter to another man, the father held the couple tight with his arms during the ceremony. That ‘s the moment that they ‘ll remember forever. And that ‘s the kind of wedding day photos that I love most !!!!

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