A bad start of “Year of Pig”

First day of Chinese New Year 1
First day of Chinese New Year
February 19, 2007
My first wedding in 2007<br>- Phoebe & Rex 2
My first wedding in 2007– Phoebe & Rex
March 1, 2007

Thanks for all my friends’ care during the server crash in last few days.

Since the Chinese New Year, I felt really bad.

First, on the first day, my car was out of order (again !!)

On the second day, one of my Synology CS-406 Network storage didn’t work, it holds around 1.2 TB (yes, over 1000 GB) of photos. Don’t worry, all photos didn’t lose and I have regular backup. Finally, I found out the network interface broke down, & I need to send it back to the distributor for repair.

Then, on the third day, the real bad thing happened. My server (web & mail server) crashed. It took me almost 1 week to recover it.

I supposed to finish 3 sets of photo retouch during the holiday and it turned out that I could only finish 1 set. I felt very bad about that.

For all my clients, I am very sorry that there may be delay of the delivery of the photos.

PS. if you had sent mail to me during the server crash, the mail might be lost and please resend to me. 

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