My first wedding in 2007
– Phoebe & Rex

A bad start of “Year of Pig”
February 28, 2007
WPJA - WedPix Magazine March issue 2
WPJA – WedPix Magazine March issue
March 1, 2007

I was too lazy updating my blog in 2007 and that ‘s may be why my server crashed lately … ….

Sometimes, I felt guilty as some clients called me & asked "Why didn’t you update my wedding in your blog, is our photo not good enough?" Don’t worry, it was just my fault, and I am too lazy. Having said that, I made up my mind to update the weddings I have shot in 2007 in next few days, no matter how busy I am.

Phoebe & Rex ‘s wedding was on 1st of Jan, 2007. This was a good start of 2007, both of them enjoyed the day very much. I heard Phoebe said "我真係好開心" (I am very happy) several times to Rex, and Rex was such a wonderful & gentle husband that he smiled whole day.

After going to Rex ‘s family at Hin Keng Estate "顯徑邨" , we originally planned to go the Peak to have location shooting. But when we about to leave, I found that the light was very good, so I suggest them to just have the shooting there instead of going to the Peak, otherwise, we may lose the light. I was so grad they agree on that.
nice location !!

the wedding shoes
wedding shoes

Phoebe was already very excited
so happy to be married

Phoebe & her parents. I like this photo – a great moment … …
Phoebe & her parents

Behind the scene by Esther
behind the scene

"Where is Rex?"
Phoebe 's ready

What a big team !!!
Amazing party

Rex prepared violin playing before the game session. Ha Ha, I believe he tried to kill time to shorten the game session. Good trick !!!
The game session

The real game began … …
the game session

Another shot at Hin Keng Estate. We had wonderful sky that day. I intentionally to include the estate in this picture, I believe this is more meaningful to Rex as he was brought up here.
so beautiful of the sky

Behind the scene at Hin Keng Estate
Behind the scene at Hin Keng Estate

Back to hotel
back to Four Seasons Hotel

Portrait at the sky floor of Four Seasons Hotel
portrait at the sky floor of four seasons

The Four Seasons Hotel Ball Room
The Four Seasons ball room

We had prepared a same day photo slideshow for them
Same day slideshow

Their friends ‘re singing on stage
happy moments

The dance
the dance

Congratulations from the [S] team – Mr. Beam, Rainbow, Esther, Ken & Simon
Congratulations !!!!



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