WPJA – WedPix Magazine March issue

My first wedding in 2007<br>- Phoebe & Rex 2
My first wedding in 2007– Phoebe & Rex
March 1, 2007
My first bride in water<br>Engagement session-Ruby & Simon 3
My first bride in waterEngagement session-Ruby & Simon
March 2, 2007

WedPix MagazineWPJA just released their march issue of WedPix Magazine — which, I believe, is one of the most prestige online magazine about wedding photojournalism.

This content of this issue is very rich & informative


Directional Lighting
I believe one thing that makes a professional wedding photographer different from an amateur photographer (your uncle or friend) is the USE OF LIGHT. We’ve all seen the awesome photos of brides or grooms dramatically illuminated in a beam of directional light. Check out the "Getting Lucky With Directional Light." to know how a wedding photographer create such awesome pictures.

Wedding Photojournalism Myths
There are so many wedding photographers in Hong Kong talking about wedding photojournalism, but I found that a lot of them just don’t understand what they are saying. In this article, it mentions the most common misconceptions of PJ in the market

What about pets at weddings?
An very interesting article, and it comes with a very good timing for me. I ‘ll shoot an Engagement session on next Monday and the client will bring along their pets (5 cats & 4 dogs)

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