a quick update

something new again - wedding of vivian and vincent 2
something new again – wedding of vivian and vincent
March 24, 2010
they knew how to smile - winnie and jacky 3
they knew how to smile – winnie and jacky
April 26, 2010

My assistant canly left a message to me yesterday and reminded me that I haven’t updated the blog for over 1 month. I was really shocked !!!! I know it ‘s long, but never imagine it ‘s over 1 month already !!!!!

Last two months ‘re really busy (both business and personal). I have stopped shooting for two months since the birth of my 2nd daughter in February, yet the two little girls and all the photo post processing works kept me busy. Since entering April, the schedule was getting more and more crazy, packed with 3 to 4 weddings and pre-wedding sessions every week. The break in Feb / Mar just pushed everything into April … …

A few updates … …

My name is Shuyan (書恩)

Sorry to let you know late that my 2nd daughter was named Shuyan. A very lovely baby, but she doesn’t like to be alone, whenever she ‘s awake and finds nobody next to her, she will start to cry. Once I sit next to her and start talking to her, she will stop crying and begins to smile. So lovely !!!!

photos of Shuyan and her Kung Fu sister.
a quick update 5

a quick update 6

a quick update 7

shulin and her friends

How about shulin? she is no longer a little baby any more. She is a BIG girl now. Can’t imagine she can grow up so fast. Started to speak a lot in last two months, learned to count from 1 to 10, don’t like us to feed her any more, instead, she like to hold the spoon and eat by herself (of course, half portion of the meal is on the ground finally … …)

shulin and her friends .. … ah pooh, amanda and rabbit
a quick update 8

something big happened last week … … we bought a new bed for shulin  — a bed without fence. now she can climb up and get off the bed all by herself
a quick update 9


Another big thing happened this month. I opened my own studio!!!! Everything happened very fast — it took less than one week from the day having an idea of my own studio, finding a property agent, looking for space to confirming the apartment.

I always thought it was a miracle that, without a studio, I could be able to shoot hundreds of wedding in last five years. Bring a 17″ laptop and meeting clients in coffee shop and cafe was not a easy task and not a very pleasant experience for all my clients as those places are getting more and more crowded and noisy. Really have to say big thank you to all the clients that trusted me and booked me in last few years.

I do think all my clients should  have a better place for meeting me and seeing my works, the new studio is in SoHo, Central — a very pleasant location, especially at night, and very convenient for my clients (it is only 15 min walk from one IFC, along the mid level escalator) . With a fixed location, now I can show you more albums, more photos, and with a much bigger screen (there is a 110″ projector screen installed in the studio !!!!)

finally, let me update more wedding and prewedding photos in next few days !!!

the location of the studio at night
a quick update 10

studio on google map


  1. Yan says:

    love your photos, simon.
    looking forward to see more photos of your studio. ^^

  2. Oldwan says:

    告別拖行李約Client 0係Cafe 傾0野0既日子,恭喜恭喜~~~~~~


  3. Ruby Tam says:

    書凌 書恩… i love u …..

  4. Kat Tong says:

    Nice to meet you, shuyan! and so happy to see shulin is a big girl now!

    look forward to visiting you in your studio soon! 😀

  5. Jo says:

    Hi Simon,
    Congratulations both on your new born loving baby girl as well as the new office, wish your work come smooth with “sth new” on shooting always.

    Jesus loves you!

    Jo & Desmond

  6. Frankie Leung says:

    Excell to hear that you stepped in a next stage of your business.

    Frankie Leung

  7. 最開心係唔洗係 coffee shop 等位,搵插蘇

  8. we love you too !!!

  9. Hi Kat, look forward to seeing you again.

  10. thanks Jo and Desmond.

    BTW, I just met Barbara (the Harp performer in your wedding) yesterday, and took some portraits of her !!!

  11. thank you BOSS !!!

  12. Patrick Law says:

    always love to read your blog!!! can't wait to see your new post!!

  13. Patrick Law says:

    always love to read your blog!!! can't wait to see your new post!!

  14. Patrick Law says:

    always love to read your blog!!! can't wait to see your new post!!

  15. 今個星期我會努力 update 多d !!!! yeah

  16. 今個星期我會努力 update 多d !!!! yeah

  17. Charis Lau says:

    Nice to meet you, shuyan. u are so cute!
    Happy to see you, shulin. i am sure you will be a very good sister and close friend of shuyan. Whenever i see you, i always think of my little niece Sophie.
    Simon, its so excited to see your updates here after 1-mth waiting. hahaha… Hope everything goes well with you and your family. TK and I look forward to meeting you in your new studio some day later 🙂

  18. charis, look forward to TK and your visit !!!!