they knew how to smile – winnie and jacky

a quick update 1
a quick update
April 25, 2010
chloe + david @ bel-air 2
chloe + david @ bel-air
April 30, 2010
a quick update 4
a quick update
April 25, 2010
chloe + david @ bel-air 5
chloe + david @ bel-air
April 30, 2010

OK, after having stopped updating the blog for over 1 month, I decided to work hard updating it this week !!!!

Winnie and Jacky – nothing happier than having such a super nice and happy couple in a pre-wedding photo session.

Winnie – a beautiful girl that really knew how to smile in front of the camera. she made my works  a lot easier on the day.

Jacky – an awesome guy !!! Enjoyed and very involved on the day.

location: University of Hong Kong, Sunny Bay, Central

love this set of photos as it has a large variety of shots – stunning bridal shot , funny moment, beautiful landscape and cool shots .. …

my fav shot of winnie !!!

the funny moment !!!! Yeah !!!!

beautiful landscape at sunny bay

it is cool, isn’t it?

the happy winnie


the staircase has been closed for renovation for last few months, it finally reopened in april

funny face, funny face.


another fav shot of winnie.

our second stop at sunny bay. As the name of the location, we had a very beautiful sunny day.

love the sun light reflection on the sea — it ‘s not easy to take this shot as the reflection was much brighter that the light on their face. it really took me a while to figure out how to make this shot.

a very special location at the sunny bay

are you bored???

last stop: Central — wow !!!!

wow ~~~~ 好型呀!

thanks everyone, it was a happy day !!!


  1. Eric Cheung says:

    Really like the one with sun light reflection!

  2. Eric Cheung says:

    Really like the one with sun light reflection!

  3. Eric Cheung says:

    Really like the one with sun light reflection!

  4. kat tong says:

    wow… love love love this set!! simon, you have made constant improvements on your work!! how can you do that???!!

  5. thank you kat.

    I think focus is important. I only do two things in my life now – photo taking and 湊女 … … all time occupied … …

  6. philiptdesign says:

    Awesome! I love the fourth one! Is it a studio shot?

  7. thanks philip. that was taken just outside channel in central.

  8. Winnie says:

    wow……can wait to c more @@

  9. Winnie says:

    can't actually,,,,wahaahaaaa

  10. wahaha, need to wait awhile for the rest.

  11. Rion Johnson says:

    Wow simon that picture of the reception room is amazing! How did you get every detail so perfectly exposed it seems like the spotlights on the wall would've been so different than the table tops???

  12. Hi Rion,

    Thanks. Do you mean the blog banner image (it keeps changing automatically)? Not sure if we are referring the same photo.

    there are several methods for exposing this kind of shots.

    First, not all light are available light. some of the areas are exposed by flash.

    Second, not necessary to take it in one shot, we can put the camera on tripod and use flash to illuminate different area in several shots and combine all the shots in post processing. hope it helps.

  13. koby says:

    simon, how did you guys reach the ‘wood land’? simply by private or 街渡?